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Who is Cleo de Nile from Monster High? Find images, video, and games for Cleo de Nile.

Meet Cleo de Nile

A Monster High Leader









Cleo de Nile is part of the Mattel's Monster High franchise (dolls, books and webisodes).

Cleo is the daughter of the Mummy, and has a close resemblance to Elizabeth Taylor's depiction of Cleopatra. Cleo is one of the older ghouls. She is approximately 5,842 years old. Cleo is royality, an ancient egyptian princess, who lives with her father and sister Neefera in a palace. Cleo can be considered antagonistic at times but she has proven she can be generous and loyal with her ghoul friends. Cleo owns the halls of Monster High where she shows off her unique style of dress (head dress, jewellery, and bandages). She can not help but be noticed with her dark hair with bangs and beautiful dark eyes. She is the captain of the fearleading squad, where she strives for perfection from all her fearleaders and herself. Her best friend is Ghoulia Yelps. Cleo takes advantage of Ghoulia but she cares about her wants and needs.

Cleo de Nile loves to be adored and her words cherished.  She does not like it when people do not obey her.  Like all Monster High students Cleo has a flaw but more of secret.  Do not tell anyone but this Princess is afraid of the dark. Her favorite class is geometry because she loves looking at the pyramids.  Cleo is a trendsetter and as such she does not like to focus on history which is her least favorite school subject.

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Shout Our or Shut Down?
Monster High Cleo De Nile Doll - 2011

Monster High Doll - CleoDraculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue are the coolest ghouls in school with their trendy fashions, accessories and scary cute pets. ...

Only $21.99
Monster High Gloom Beach Cleo De Nile Doll

Mattel Monster High Gloom Beach Doll Assortment Get ready for ghoulish fun at Gloom BeachEven monsters love to play in the sun and go to the beachDaughters and sons of the ...

$19.99  $16.99
Monster High Dawn of The Dance Cleo De Nile Doll

The coolest ghouls in school at Monster High are ready to cut up the dance floor and boogie the night away! Features creeparific fashions, iCoffin, purse, dance invitation and ...

Only $17.99
Monster High Dead Tired Cleo De Nile Doll

Monster High Dead Tired Cleo De Nile Doll Meet the coolest children of some of history's most infamously famous Monsters in the Monster High Dead Tired Doll Collection. Cleo ...

$15.99  $15.15
Monster High Friends Plush Cleo De Nile Doll

Monster High Friends Plush Cleo De Nile Doll: These scarily delightful plush versions of the most popular students at Monster High come with their favorite outfit and scary ...

Only $16.99
Monster High Cleo De Nile and Deuce Gorgon Giftset

High school sweethearts Cleo De Nileâ"¢ and Deuce Gorgonâ"¢ are the most popular couple at Monster Highâ"¢ and the most fashionable! And they have some very famous scary cool ...

Only $29.99

The Batte Between Nefera and Cleo de Nile


The Model

eefera is Cleo's older sister and they are not on the best of terms. I suspect they are both competitive and jealous of the other. Nefera used to be the fearleading captain before Cleo and probably ruled the school much in the same way.

Though she wants for nothing as a Princess and model she still blackmails Cleo when she discovers that she threw a party at the palace without permission, and eventually Cleo's ghoulfriends. 

Cleo de Nile Games

Play with this Egyptian

Monster High Ghoul Melody
A game featuring Cleo and her ghoulfriends from Monster High.

Star Doll Cleo de Nile Dress Up Game
Dress Cleo from Monster High in the latest and greatest styles fit for a Princess.

Star Sue Dress Up Game Cleo de Nile
Try on different looks and dress up Cleo de Nile in the latest Monster High fashions.

Help Cleo rule the dance floor when Deuce and her attend the freaky-fab dance party.

Casketball Queen
Cleo takes on casketball when Deuce strains a snake.

Cleo de Nile and Deuce Gorgon

Isn't it romantic?









Deuce Gorgon described as having "stone cold style" is listed as one of Cleo's best friends on her Monster High student profile; however, it has been clear that these have been dating from the first episode "New Ghoul at School." Frankie Stein upsets Cleo when she lies about Gorgon being her boyfriend unaware that Cleo and Deuce are an item.

Cleo De Nile Costume

For Halloween or Dress-up
Monster High - Cleo de Nile Makeup Kit (Child) Child

Includes: 4 Color Makeup Tray, 2 Dual Sponge Applicators, Mini Lipstick, Makeup Stick & Glitter Tattoo. This is an officially licensed Monster High product.

Rubies Monster High Cleo de Nile Girls Wig

In a Child Monster High Cleo De Nile Wig, your child will be the very image of the Monster High diva, Cleo De Nile! The daugher of the mummy, Cleo has a fierce fashion sense, ...

$14.99  $8.00
Monster High Cleo de Nile Costume - One Color - Large

Put on this Child Monster High Cleo De Nile Costume and transform into the diva of Monster High! Cleo De Nile, the daughter of the ummy, is a born leader, so it'll be up to ...

$27.99  $11.57

Introducing Hissette

Monster High reptile

Hissette is a blue Egyptian cobra either sent to Cleo from Egypt or was a gift from Deuce (His mom, Medusa's, first grey hair). Hissette dislikes being placed on a cold rock and prefers that her rock be warmed up before she gets on it. As a the royal cobra she is golden crowned jewels. She is only two years old and slightly poisonous. Hissette gets along well with Perseus and Neptuna (other pets of Monster High students.)

Monster High Students

Beyond the legendary Cleo de Nile
Frankie Stein is the daughter of Frankenstein's monster, a Monster High character, a doll and a web star.
Abbey Bominable Monster High bio, video and more.
Who is Ghoulia Yelps?
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