Colin Scott Stewart-Epigramman - The Poet

by Sannel

This is a tribute to a great poet and a dear friend. Colin Stewart aka Epigramman takes his reader on a poetic roller coaster ride with his humor, charm, spirit and brilliant mind.

The renowned Epigramman

As an author, Colin Stewart is noted for his poetry, there humor and melancholy walk side by side. Pain and laughter, usually with an unexpected twist in the end is what make this poet so unique. He brings us vivid images charged by imagination, unexpected and detailed empirical metaphors, humor, sadness, beauty and satire, all presented in a seemingly straightforward and simplistic manner. He stir, shock, amaze, provoke, startle and stimule the readers mind with his words, leaving us out of breath and with an unfullfilled craving of wanting more. 


Colin Scott Stewart - The epigramman


Across the world

and deep blue sea

there is a man

so dear to me.


You are a god send

from above

admirable in every way

touching everyone with your love.


Colin Scott Stewart

what a lovely man you are

full of wisdom and witt

to me you are a shining star.


The few of us that's fortunate

to call you our friend

will get to know a decent man

to our mind and heart you tend.


Around the bay of lake Eerie

you wander now and then

thinking up beautiful poems

that only you, the Epigramman can pen.


You are a self-taught magician

of words of highest skill

your work is a poetic journey

leaving us with a monumental thrill.


you are a flower in disguise

more beautiful than any flower I've seen

and as the poetic enchanter that you are

you spellbind us with words unforeseen.


Colin Scott Stewart

what a lovely man you are

you grace us with your beautiful soul

making our life richer, by far.


©Copyright 2012 By Sannel Larson.


Colin Scott Stewart aka Epigramman, there is no one quite like him. He is a first-class writer and a wonderful human being. We all should be so blessed and extremely lucky if we at some time during our lives, we happen to befriend a lovely and admirable man like Colin, whose zest for life and kind heart will make every one of us to feel very special. He will support and encourage every writer that cross his path, and promote their writings. He has the wonderful ability to make us laugh, cry, surprise, mesmerize, and astound us with his words. His humor is infectious and so is his poetry. Colin, you are an admirable colleague. Thank you for your wonderful friendship and being a part of my life. I love you and I adore you, Sannel.










The Epi-man's whole goal is to promote and get people to meet each other

Colin with Miss Tiffy
Colin with Miss Tiffy
Get to know Colin aka epigramman
Colin aka epigramman (or Epi , as so many people call him) has never been published but is waiting for the right time and publisher in order to take the next step in his writing career.
Colin first came online only 3 years ago, in January 2009 and it was the best thing he ever did, he told me. His writing really took off after that. He wrote for 2 or 3 different online sites but finally in 2010, he was introduced to Hubpages, an online site, and have written there now for over 2 years and have published well over 1000 poems, meeting so many wonderful and creative people along the way.
Colin Stewart was born 19th of May, 1958 and has followed his fathers footsteps and love for writing. His father worked full time in a local steel mill in Hamilton, Canada but in his spare time his hobby was writing and back then it was on an old fashioned typewriter. He wrote 59 novels, all of them unpublished, and one memoir of his experiences in World War II as a Canadian solider who landed on the Juno beach in D-Day 1944.
Colin's dad's legacy will go down though as a wonderful father and best friend to his son, a terrific husband and a provider for his family.  He died from cancer in 1992 at the age of 74 and sadly he missed the computer generation in which he would have loved being part of, in terms of his love for writing. He would have been proud of his son's achievements as a writer.
Colin's writing is inspired greatly from his love of film, music, art and photography and he is influenced by many great songwriters in popular music including Tom Waits, Ray Davies, Warren Zevon, Nick Cave, George and Ira Gerswhin, Cole Porter, Kate Bush, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Leonard Cohen  ,,,,,,,and his favorite erotica writer, Sannel Larson. Oh, my. . .  thank you so much, Colin, ( I'm giggling and blushing here, lol!) 
 In 1978 one of Colin's greatest experiences when he was 20, was going down to N.Y.C on his own and seeing both the dress rehearsal and live show of NBC's Saturday Night Live - he met the producer of the show Lorne Michaels and inivited back stage to meet some of the writers and performers on the show like Bill Murray, Danny Ackroyd, Gildna Radner, John Belushi, and Rodney Dangerfield.
Colin is known for his "writer's walk" where he often compose his writing when walking along the bay of his lake. He is a very fast writer who writes most of his pieces in 20 to 30 minutes.
And often wherever he go - in the car or at work, he always have a pen and paper with him, and just write one draught on pen and paper before he post online. Colin Stewart is making a great contribution to our lives with his outstanding talent as an author, bringing us a poetic world of evocative imagery, artistic vigor and true liberty of mind.
©Copyright 2012 By Sannel Larson.
You can read Epigramman's poetry here:
Colin has also a FB music/cinema group Let's just talk music or cinema, there writers meet and have a great time, while listening and watching musical or cinematic videos. It's great fun. Check it out!
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Thank you for reading,


You can read my own poetry in my blog:


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Sannel on 08/04/2012

Hello Vinaya! Great to see you my friend! I know exactly what you mean by coping with different sites, since I do struggle with the same thing. Yes, Colin aka Epigramman is admired by so many. In one way, I would have loved to have this tribute published where it rightly belongs, well, I'm sure you know what I mean by that. Thank you for your visit. Hugs to you from me!

Sannel on 07/26/2012

. . . Always Exploring, thank you for showing your support to a esteemed colleague and brilliant poet.

Sannel on 07/26/2012

Thank you Epi for those beautiful words. I cannot tell you enough, how much I appreciate your friendship and wonderful support you give to me and in my work. I love you my poetic friend! Hugs:)

I added cool smileys to this message... if you don't see them go to:

Always Exploring on 07/26/2012

Way to go Epi..You have my blessings my special friend...

Sannel on 07/10/2012

Hello Ruby, Yes, Epi will touch everyone that comes his way with his loving and generous heart. There is no one quite like him. . . He is a man that are very easy to fall in love with. . . thank you.

Ruby fuller aka Alwaysexplorin on 07/09/2012

Epi the man is one of my favorite poets. I have to get my daily fix. He is so kind and supportive. I loved your poetry too. Nice to meet you Sannel...

Sannel on 07/03/2012

Hello Epi my muse, mentor, friend, constant supporter, and last but not the least, the man I love and I adore, thank you for your kind and lovely words. Hugs to you, Sannel

Sannel on 07/01/2012

Hello Katiem! Yes, I see so many writers from HP over here too, and sometimes it's difficult to keep track. Colin, aka Epigramman is a writer that stands out, and a hard man to forget. What I love about Colin is his unselfish goal to promote writers and get writers to meet each other. That is such a beautiful trait, and he deserves to be treated the same way himself. Thank you Katiem, for taking the time, and to leave such a kind and supportive comment.

katiem2 on 06/30/2012

Sannel, I know Colin from HP and was thrilled to read this page. Great to read his work here I do look forward to him getting published here in the near future. Great to meet you and learn about Colin being here as well. It's hard to keep track of the old writer friends who come here, once again thanks for highlighting epigramman. :)K

Sannel on 06/27/2012

. . . We can never say those 7 words enough. I L Y an I A Y.
Sweden time 8:39am.

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