Conspiracy Theories and the Venetian Black Nobility

by RupertTaylor

Some people believe that personal misfortune and global issues are orchestrated by a small group with ancient roots who control everything

John Coleman is clear about how the world works. In his book The Conspirators Hierarchy (which is, strangely, listed by Amazon as non-fiction) he writes that, “All of the great historical events are planned in secret by men in high places, with intent to deceive.” He names a bewildering number of groups associated with “A ‘master’ secret society in control of world events.” Mr. Coleman assures us that all religion, economics, politics, business, military, and the drug trade are under the guiding hand of a single organization. Curiously, he does not include the fixing of sporting events or the creation of reality television shows in his list.

The Committee of 300

Fred Allen once wisely remarked that “A committee is a group of the unprepared, appointed by the unwilling to do the unnecessary”

John Coleman claims to have been an intelligence officer with Britain’s MI6, from which vantage point he was able to study who really pulls the strings in world affairs. All the eyeballing of top secret dossiers enables him to confirm the existence of the Committee of 300, an organization founded in 1727 by a group of British noblemen. The purpose of the Committee is, of course, domination of the world.

There are many, many others tied into Coleman’s complex web of intrigue: such disparate institutions as the CIA, the Bilderberg Group, the Harvard Psychiatric Clinic, the Wharton School of Economics, the Trilateral Commission, and, of course, the United Nations.

It seems very few organizations have escaped Mr. Coleman’s suspicious eye, all of them in some way associated with this Committee of 300. One of them, he alleges, is The Canadian Institute for International Affairs (CIIA). This is a group made up of foreign policy experts from academic and diplomatic fields that, according to Coleman, “runs Canadian politics.”

CIIA is a group with which the writer has had considerable professional relationships; it is somewhat startling to discover that I have, albeit unwittingly, become a grand manipulator of world affairs.

It stretches credulity beyond the breaking point to believe this somewhat fusty collection of policy wonks could organize anything more conspiratorial than a weekend seminar on the territorial imperative.

Ancient Origins of World Control

Conspiracists say there’s always been some secret pulling of the levers of power

Somebody who cryptically identifies himself as “Steve in Vista” agrees with Coleman that the secret elites that control everything have ancient roots.

He writes for the Modern History Project; a benign sounding outfit that is a gathering place for the more exotic notions about why and how our lives are manipulated by dark forces.

Anyway, “Steve in Vista” says “It has taken centuries of patient effort for the World Order (another conspiracy theorist name for the Committee of 300) to attain the power it exercises today.” Among the antecedents he names Phoenician slave-traders, powerful families of the Byzantine Empire, and the Venetian Black Nobility.

All of these are tied together in one long thread handing down the secrets of controlling global affairs from one group to the next.

What is not answered is why geniuses capable of running the whole shebang took centuries to complete their master plan.

The Venetian Black Nobility

By the early 13th century Venice had become a major power through trade and military expansion

In a paper (The Johns Hopkins Press, 1962), James Cushman Davis writes that, “The patricians were organized as a distinct social class with jealously guarded privileges. In order to avoid contamination by inferiors and to keep power in their own hands, they refused to accept new members [and] they adopted strict rules regarding marriages.”

To those who can see through the deception, such as Coleman, the Venetian Black Nobility was a secret society bent on world domination if ever there was one. This stuff is meat and drink to conspiracy buffs such as David Icke.

The pomp of Venice at the height of its power
The pomp of Venice at the height of its power

Descendants of the Black Nobility of Venice

The royals are alleged to be behind global control

Icke is a British writer who describes himself as an expert on “who and what is really controlling the world.” In one of his many blog posts he reveals that the Venetian Black Nobility did not disappear when Venice went into decline in the second half of the 15th century. Oh no, the bloodlines passed into the aristocratic families of Europe and it still courses through their arteries.

Icke is able to reveal that, “The most powerful of the Black Nobility families are located in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Britain, Holland, and Greece in that order.”

And, what are these sinister members of the upper-crust up to now? Why, they’re fomenting discord through the environmental movement. It’s certainly comforting to know that people such as Icke are able to warn us that, “Prince Philip and Prince Charles are the most visible symbols of this movement, and are a true part of this conspiracy to destroy industry and take the world back to a New Dark Age.”

Better watch this lot; worse than the Mafia allege conspiracists
Better watch this lot; worse than the Mafia allege conspiracists

Multiple Theories about World Domination Tied Together

Grand unifying theory of conspiracists

Meanwhile, back in John Coleman’s study a number of other suspicions are joined together and understood “only by those who are well informed.”

According to Coleman, the remnants of the Venetian Black Nobility popped up in the East India Company, the Dutch East India Company, and the Opium Trade with China. Then, together with Freemasons, Zionists, Communists, the Illuminati, and a host of others they formed the Committee of 300, which didn’t take “its present form until around 1897.”

Although David Icke rather candidly admits “Documentary proof as to the existence of the Committee of 300 is not forthcoming.” Is that perhaps because no such organization exists?

Why People Believe Conspiracy Theories

Seemingly rational individuals buy into what to most others appear to be demonstrably nutty concepts

It’s easy to understand why John Coleman and David Icke believe that Queen Elizabeth II controls the world cocaine trade, the New York Stock Exchange, and, why not?, the Vatican as well. Writing and speaking about such theories is lucrative; it’s the old follow-the-money thing.

But, what about the folk who buy the malarkey Coleman, Icke, and others are selling, and turned up at Occupy demonstrations with charts explaining the secret control (left).

Professor Stephan Lewandowsky, a cognitive scientist at the University of Western Australia has studied the belief in conspiracy theories. Alex Seitz-Wald summarized his findings in Salon: “People hate randomness, they dread the sort of random occurrences that can destroy their lives, so as a mechanism against that dread, it turns out that it’s much easier to believe in a conspiracy. Then you have someone to blame, it’s not just randomness.”

A more prosaic explanation might be that the lives of conspiracy theory enthusiasts aren’t working out so well. It’s not because they didn’t finish high school and are over fond of moonshine that they’re living in a trailer with a leaky roof and a backed up commode. No. It’s because some sleazy cabal of fat cats has it in for them personally.


John Coleman

“The Decline of the Venetian Nobility as a Ruling Class.” James Cushman Davis, Johns Hopkins Press, 1962.

David Icke.

“Why People Believe in Conspiracy Theories.” Alex Seitz-Wald, Salon, April 24, 2013.

Updated: 10/31/2013, RupertTaylor
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Jo_Murphy on 11/01/2013

Hi Rupert,
Well. I hate to say it but the randomness thing has credibility. But mores to the point where did you get the awesome picture?
It is just awesome! Jo

frankbeswick on 11/01/2013

This was a good article and well researched.

But alongside the conspiracy theory, shouldn't we include its opposite, that the greater the complexity of the conspiracy, the more there is room for failure.Massive projects mean massive problems. The tighter the scheme the more that a single error screws it up.

Of course, conspiracy might explan why the local Women's Institute meet for regular sessions. It is obvious that they are working on plans passed on by the committee of 300; and the Girl Guides are in on the act. In fact, when my wife meets her friends for ladies luncheons, I now feel that they might be gathering to plan world domination.

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