Coughton Lodge, Warwickshire, England - An Unusual Location for a Self Catering Gathering

by WordChazer

Coughton Lodge is an ideal place for a social gathering, a team building event, a family get-together or simply as a relaxed base to explore the many local attractions.

Situated in a picturesque area of England, Coughton Lodge was probably once the lodge house to the nearby Coughton Court and Park. These days it is an old fashioned looking single-storey construction, set around a courtyard water garden, with self-catering accommodation for 22 people. It is within 30 minutes’ drive of Stratford-on-Avon, Shakespeare’s home town, and close to Warwick Castle, with the Cotswolds and Cadbury World in Bourneville also within easy reach.

Care Home to Self-Catering Accommodation

Coughton Lodge is a former care home, and still retains that kind of half-hotel, half-residential feel. The en-suite rooms are simple and relatively small, but the general idea is that most of the socializing will take place in the lounges or kitchen area. There is one family room with a double bed and two singles, the rest of the rooms are doubles. The family room has a full bathroom, all the other rooms have a double bed, a spacious wardrobe, a chest of drawers, an en-suite shower room and TV. There is wifi available throughout and the kitchen has an enormous range, two fridges, a freezer, two microwaves, two dishwashers and the necessary utensils, cutlery and crockery to cook for and feed a maximum of 22 people.

Images of Coughton Lodge

A typical bedroom at Coughton Lodge
A typical bed...
Paula Thomas,...
A typical bedroom at Coughton Lodge
A typical bed...
Paula Thomas,...
The en-suite shower room layout
The en-suite ...
Paula Thomas,...
The kitchen area at Coughton Lodge
The kitchen a...
Paula Thomas,...
The dining room at Coughton Lodge
The dining ro...
Paula Thomas,...

The kitchen and dining room area is at one end of the building, the lounges are side by side at the other. One has a Wii for the gamers in the party (promptly appropriated by the children in ours, so tough if I wanted to try it!) and the other was therefore officially the adults’ hangout. Our party ranged in age from 10 to 80, and we all seemed to settle in and shake down fairly quickly. The heating is generous and it is possible to walk around wearing a short sleeved T-shirt and not feel uncomfortable. The beds are generally firm and come with two pillows per person and a cozy duvet.

Bring the Essentials for Instant Comfort

It is advisable to bring the essentials with you, and there are supermarkets easily reachable from the motorway on the way. Our party arrived looking as if we had packed for a month rather than a week, with every known kitchen essential – and some several times over. Teabags, coffee, milk, sugar, breakfast cereals, juice, alcohol and condiments all appeared out of various coolers, bags and crates, along with bread, vegetables, fruit, meat and enough cake, cookies and biscuits to put the Girl Scouts to shame.


The first few hours were spent talking, disposing of some of the cookies and cake and drinking large quantities of tea. This is after all a British party of holidaymakers, and tea is our national brew.

Once everything had been unpacked and the bags stowed in the wardrobes, everyone scattered to their rooms to unwind. Having been crammed in the back of the car with a load of shopping and other bags for several hours, then standing up for much of the rest of the day, I relished the chance to stretch out on the bed for a bit and sample one of the books from the shelves next to the lounges. My husband found a corner to settle down and catch up with his cousin, while my mother-in-law and her two sisters gossiped at loud volume, and seemingly all at the same time, about many different things, none of which I knew anything about!

And just across the road...

Coughton Court: National Trust Guidebook (National Trust Guidebooks)

Twenty generations of Throckmortons have and continue to live at Coughton Court through good times and bad. They remained Catholics after the Reformation and suffered fines, imp...

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A Classical Guitar Recital at Coughton Court by Anthea Gifford

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Coughton Court, Warwickshire

Coughton Court, Warwickshire

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An Easy Cooking Experience

Supper was easy to prepare with many hands willing to help me, my husband and my mother-in-law produce chili con carne in three different strengths, rice and vegetables with apple crumble and ice cream for dessert. The two dishwashers made light work of the washing up and the range proved its quality by being easy to clean too. After an animated round of Trivial Pursuit the second dining table became the location for the jigsaw puzzle fans to gather, while some of the party retired to bed and others sat in the lounge talking. All in all a very relaxed start to the holiday. More information on prices, location, amenities and local attractions is available on Coughton Lodge's website. We've already booked for next spring and I'm looking forward to it already.

Coughton Court from the Visitors' Perspective

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DerdriuMarriner on 07/14/2017

WordChazer, Who does the clean-up?

WordChazer on 01/08/2014

Thanks! I hope they can make a go of it, as it was a fairly new business when we were there. I liked the place, although it wouldn't be practical for my family/friends as there simply aren't enough of us.

ologsinquito on 01/08/2014

I'm pinning this to my See the World board.

WordChazer on 10/30/2013

Thanks Frank. I typed out a long reply then lost it when the internet hiccupped. Rare but regrettable.

WordChazer on 10/30/2013

CMS, you ought to visit. I might moan about this place for any number of reasons, but England does have some really good tourist attractions.

frankbeswick on 10/30/2013

England's landscape is very variable, so there is much to see in a small space. Of course there are industrial eyesores, but we are working to improve everything.

cmoneyspinner on 10/30/2013

Sounds like a nice place. Plus it's close enough to visit Shakespeare's home. England does have very lovely landscape. Actually I've never been to England. But I've seen pictures. Either the landscape is really nice or there are a lot of excellent photographers out there who capture just the right location via their lenses. :)

WordChazer on 10/30/2013

I don't give much for Stratford these days. I'm sure it was less commercial and more upmarket the last time I visited, but yesterday was very disappointing. The highlight was going into the RSC. Rural Warwickshire, on the other hand, as you say, is very attractive.

WordChazer on 10/30/2013

Funnily enough Abby, me too. I should share the rainbow pictures I managed to catch on the way in when the weather played into my hands.

WordChazer on 10/30/2013

I think it is, ologsinquito. It beats the little village on the edge of the local freeway where we live in East ANglia, for sure. This article will change again during the course of the stay, as I'm still finding things out about the location.

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