Could Pretty Little Liars' Caleb Be “A”

by StevenHelmer

As theories about who the notorious "A" is still run rampant, Hanna's boyfriend has fallen onto my radar. Read to find out why.

As I was able to guess the second she was arrested, Alison (Sasha Pieterse) does not appear to be the notorious “A” after all and, as the show progresses, there is quite a bit of evidence supporting that. This, of course, leaves fans wondering who, if not her, is tormenting the PLLs.
While there are plenty of favorites, including the missing Det. Holbrook (Sean Faris), A’s intimate knowledge of the four girls is an indication he/she is much closer to them than the typical occasionally-seen character would be. And, while I still believe Mona (Janel Parrish) is alive, for the sake of this argument, I’m going to put that theory aside for now and pretend she really is dead.
When you rule out Mona and Alison and, again, for the sake of argument, also rule out the possibility one of the four friends is really behind it, Hanna’s (Ashley Benson) love interest Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) is a character that raises some red flags, at least if you look at him as something more than eye candy for the hormonal teenage girls that the show is targeting. And, there are a number of reasons why he should be a front-runner in the great “A” debate.

His Computer Knowledge is Indisputable.

The PLLs’ long-time tormentor has a pretty unique skill. He/she is skilled with electronic devices such as computers, cell phones and security cameras. And, there are only so many people that, at least from what we’ve been shown, are able to do that. Mona was one of them. Caleb is the other.

Sure, so far at least, we’ve only seen him use that skill for good, with him helping the girls when needed. But, that also could easily be a front and his way of keeping them off his scent. It’s also a convenient way for him to gain access to their cell phones and computers without them suspecting anything.

He’s Still a Background Character

As I said before, whoever “A” is, that person has to be close enough to the PLLs to know what their every move is while, at the same time, staying just distant enough to prevent detection. Caleb is one of those people. The PLLs don’t keep secrets from him and, much like Mona in the first season; he is visible but not necessarily a main character. This allows him to be off screen at certain key times without anyone questioning where he is.

And, while Toby (Keegan Allen) also technically fits in this category. The fact he has been accused before moves him below Caleb on the list of potential suspects.

Oh, and I'm perfectly aware Caleb was recently trapped inside a kiln while trying to destroy evidence that would link him to Mona's death (something that does admittedly make him a little more prominent). I'm going with the theory it was staged and he does have help.

It’s all about Hanna

Of the PLLs, Hanna is the one I’ve always thought was a bit intriguing. For one, she is smarter than she acts, as evidenced by the number of colleges that want her. But, more importantly, she seems to be at the center of all of this.

For example, there’s plenty of evidence she was Alison’s favorite when they were friends and she even went out of her way to look/act like Alison when given the chance. She was also best friends with Mona and it was her mom that was targeted by Wilden (Bryce Johnson) in season 3.

Yes, the others have also had their own personal tragedies. But, it always seems to come back to Hanna. So, naturally, the next step in that process would be to have her sleeping with her tormentor. 

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What Do We Really Know About Him?

Here’s basically all I know about him to this point. He is a foster kid that, at one point was allied with Jenna (Tammin Sursok) and, ultimately, ended up with Hanna because he started out spying for Jenna (which, in itself, could have been a clever ploy). We also know he’s broken the law before.

Other than that, his background is actually relatively vague when compared to other major characters on the series and, when we do learn something new about him; it’s usually coming from his lips with no real way to verify what he is telling them.

In fact, we still don’t know the full story about why he returned from Ravenswood (other than the obvious fact his spinoff show was cancelled) which, I’m assuming (based mostly on the fact Hanna doesn’t seem to remember he was helping a ghost), has nothing to do with the paranormal plot of that series. And, since we do know his family had ties to that community plus it was a big part of the search for Alison in earlier seasons, I would treat him as a suspect partly because of that.


Caleb Rivers is one of those characters that seems to be the perfect companion for Hanna and a reliable ally for the PLLs. Ironically, those reasons make him as good of an “A” suspect (if not better) than anyone. And, until a better suspect emerges (as I said, I’m still not convinced Mona is dead), he has a bunch of red flags around him.

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