Louisiana crawfish boil -- tips, ideas and how to

by tealmermaid

When crawfish are in season from February through May, it is an excuse to have a crawfish boil party.

Why have a crawfish boil? If you have never been to a crawfish boil, you don't know what you are missing. This is the best possible way to eat crawfish. They cook up wonderfully in the boiler, and when they come out they will be somewhat spicy. You can always spice it up more with some (a lot) hot sauce if it is not hot enough for you.

Invite your entire family, invite your friends, invite the whole neighborhood to share in the good food you are boiling up if you can!

Start your crawfish boil party with the good stuff:

Crawfish are in season from February through May.

Get your crawfish

The most important part and main attraction of any crawfish boil is of course the crawfish. Get them fresh or have them shipped in on ice so they stay fresh until you are ready to cook them. (But really, who can wait to eat these delicious little morsels?)

Charleston Seafood Frozen Whole Crawfish, 60-Ounce Box

Allow at least a couple of pounds of crawfish per person. Remember, crawfish is mostly shell and other inedible parts.

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Purge, then cook

Once you have the crawfish, purge them by placing them in a vat of fresh water and adding a pound or so of salt, then waiting ten minutes. Sure, you can skip this step, providing that you like your crawfish to taste like swamp water.

Once they are clean and purged, drop them in your pot of boiling water with your choice of side items: corn and potatoes are standard additions to the pot, and don't forget the lemon slices.

Crawfish boil with all the fixins'
Crawfish boil with all the fixins'

Crawfish boiling pot and stirring paddle

King Kooker KK100 100-quart Aluminum Boiling Pot

This 100 quart stock pot has plenty of room to get you started with your crawfish boil -- unless you have an especially large family.

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Bayou Classic Cajun Stir Paddle

This stirring paddle is long enough to reach the bottom of the pot while keeping your hands safely out of the boiling water.

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Crawfish boil seasonings

Use a mix or make your own, your choice. Most people find a mix they like and adjust it slightly for taste. Take the time to kick up your crawfish seasonings while you are at it. My family has sworn by Crystal hot sauce by decades. It's the good stuff.

Crawfish boil recipes

Zatarain's Crawfish, Shrimp and Crab Boil in a Bag, 3-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 24)

If you prefer to start with a mix and go from there, I highly recommend the Zatarain's as a good basic mix to work with.

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Crystal Hot Sauce Louisiana's Pure Hot Sauce - 12 oz

Take the time to kick up your crawfish seasonings. he standard mix won't be spicy enough unless you are new to crawfish boils. You will need to add some while cooking, and throw more on after. This has no weird unpronounceable ingredients, either.

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Entertain the kids while the food cooks

Free printable crawfish coloring pages

Colouring crawfish pages is a great activity to keep the kids busy while the crawfish is boiling. Their bright red crawfish shells will brighten up any dreary afternoon, and colouring whiles away the time nicely. I've located some of the best crawfish colouring pages for you. The crawfish line arts here are all pre-screened and kid-safe. Kids and adults alike will enjoy colouring these crawfish designs!

Enjoy the fruits of your labors

Dig in

Once the food is ready, don't let the crawfish get cold. Start eating, and don't forget to enjoy sucking the heads. That's the good part!

Decorate the table for the party -- such as it is

Exquisite 40 Inch. x 100 Ft. Gingham Plastic Tablecloth Roll, Checkerboard Design Disposable Tabl...

Try to keep the table a bit cleaner by spreading out a nice big (and disposable) plastic tablecloth before you start eating.

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Party Cup, Plastic Construction, For Cold Drinks, 16 Oz Capacity, Red, 50/Bag SLOPS16R

You will need something to wash down the spicy crawfish, so have a big cup ready to go when you sit down to enjoy the crawfish boil.

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Hefty Heavy Duty, Sturdy, Durable, Re-usable Patriotic Summer Fun 10.25" Plastic Plates (22 ct.) ...

Spring for the heavy duty plates to go with the heavy eating. You don't want the plate to break mid-meal.

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Heavy Duty Red Plastic Cutlery 24 Assorted Pack

While you really do not need utensils for the crawfish themselves, something to use while eating the potatoes and corn might prove helpful.

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Bounty Select-A-Size Paper Towels, White, Giant Roll - 8 pk

For easy cleanup of your cayenne-coated fingers, buy multiple packages of paper towels to have on hand during the crawfish boil if you have a large family. An eight-pack of rolls may provide insufficient.

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Are you planning to have a crawfish boil this year?

Updated: 02/11/2018, tealmermaid
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