Crazy Cat Lady Gifts

by frugalrvers

Do you have a crazy cat lady in your life? Not the extreme syndrome variety, but a woman who just has to have a lot of cats? These fun gift ideas are sure to please!

The Simpsons weren't the first to develop the concept of the crazy cat lady, like the character on their show. Though there is a dark side, where people actually are cat hoarders, the harmless cat addicts we know and love dote on their felines...liking them more than most people, it seems!

Crazy cat lady gifts are perfect for friends and family who love their kitties...those who will never be satisfied with just one.

Crazy Cat Lady Doll - Purrrrfect!

The Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure Is Hilarious

The Accoutrements Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure comes with a cat woman and six cats. It is sure to please the finickiest feline owner...or at least make them laugh. Yes...the real crazy cat lady illness is nothing to laugh about, but your friend or co-worker who is obsessed with cats will hopefully know you aren't implying it is time to get help.

We Only Have One Crazy Cat Named Spot...And He Is A Handful

Our Gigantic Cow Cat, Spot
Our Gigantic Cow Cat, Spot

Crazy Cat Lady Mug - A Cup For Kitty Lovers

Crazy CAT Lady Ceramic Coffee Tea Travel Mug

Crazy Cat Lady Game - You Get Or Lose Cats As You Play

Crazy Cat Lady Game

Crazy Cat Lady Shirt And Other Funny Gifts For Loopy Women With Lots Of Cats

For The Crazy Cat Woman In Your Life
Accoutrements Crazy Cat Lady Mini Mil...Cat-OpolyCrazy Cat Lady Sleep Shirt in Gift Ba...

Our RV Cat - What Life Is Like With "Spot"

Our cat goes by many names...he is called Spot for the gigantic black "belly button" he has. He is called Oscar, because he constantly yells at us and make demands unless napping. Then there are names that are too inappropriate to mention here. We had posters created with his image, because they truly broke the mold with our "little guy."

He truly rules the entire motorhome...gets up on the table to be taller, so we here his yells. Lays under the laptop in the rv, the second I get up to get something. Even as I write this, he is stretched out next to me, taking up over half the bed. 

You see, Spot is like the cat version of Clifford the big red dog. He was a tiny little thing, then grew and grew. Yes, he could lose some weight, but even the vet said years ago that he could never be small...he is extremely long.

Never have had a cat like him and probably will never find one again. However, the thought of having six of him is enough to give me nightmares every night. We love him, though...and he loves us, especially me. He shows it by cutting off oxygen as he climbs on me, all 23 pounds, lying right on  my chest - as if he were a kitten.

I Wasn't Kidding....
I Wasn't Kidding....

Crazy Cat Lady Wiki - Can Be A Spinster Or A Hoarder

For a good definition of a cat lady, find it HERE

Cute, Goofy Cat Lover...Or Hoarder Of Cats?

There is a fine line between loving cats and becoming obsessive-compulsive about filling your home with them. Cat hoarding is definitely unhealthy for both the cats and the pet owner. Of course, we laugh at cat lovers in this article, because many of those women addicted to their felines treat them like kings and queens.

But if you have any doubts, this great article from "Today" does an excellent job of discussing the dark side of the "crazy cat lady."

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sheilamarie on 11/19/2012

My allergies keep me from becoming a crazy cat lady, but I can see the attraction. I have one "barn cat" at present.

BrendaReeves on 09/08/2012

I have two cats and four dogs. I have to keep my animal hoarding in check at all times. I think the crazy cat lady action figure is so funny. I love your cat too.

katiem2 on 08/11/2012

Okay I admit it I have three cats, one very old, one middle aged and one still a kitten. I love cats and these crazy cat lady gifts.

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