Curb Appeal Your Home to Sell

by BrendaReeves

If you want to sell your home in a buyers market, hook the buyers with curb appeal first.

Your home has to stand out from the other homes in the neighborhood in order to sell it in a down market. Curb appeal is important, because it gets the buyers in the front door so you can sell the rest of the house to them. Follow a few tips to selling your home and increase your chances.

Tips to Sell Your Home

Clean up the front yard. If there are children's toys and bikes strewn all over the front yard, put them away neatly in the garage. Tell your children that from now on all of their possessions must go in the garage when they're through playing with them.

Buy a good spray nozzle for your hose and spray the cobwebs and dirt off of the eaves of the house. Wash the dirt off the siding working from top to bottom.

Keep your windows spotless at all times. Remove your window screens so your windows shine for anyone looking from the street.

Hose down your front walkway and porch if water shortage isn't a problem in your area. Sweep it everyday after that.

Purchase a new doormat.


Tackle the Front Lawn

Laying down new sod is expensive especially if you hire someone else to do it. There's a quick and inexpensive way to reseed your lawn. A professional landscaper wouldn't do it this way, but your goal isn't to make your lawn look like a putting green. You simply want green grass growing in front of your house.

The first step is to spray the weeds to kill them off.  Next, purchase a bag of grass seed best for growing in your area. Mow your lawn on the first setting. Buy, borrow or rent a seed spreader and spread the seed all over the grassy area. After that, water the area everyday until new grass sprouts and reaches a height of 3- inches. 

When the grass reaches 3- inches tall, place your lawn mower on the highest setting and mow. Remember this is the quickest, most inexpensive way to give your lawn a face lift. If it's green and weed free, it's a lawn. A trick to keeping weeds out of the grass is to keep the lawn at a 3-inch level. Weeds need sunshine to grow so keep them shaded with grass.

Refresh the Landscaping

Trim bushes and any other plants in the yard to give the yard a facelift. Plant seasonal flowers spring through fall. Plenty of beautiful flowers in the front yard are an attention grabber. You'll probably get the best buy on flowers at Home Depot or Lowes.

Add some path lighting. Solar path lighting is inexpensive. You can purchase the stick in the ground solar lighting at Walmart for a few dollars each. On the website, they show them as sets, scroll through and you should find them sold individually.

Tidy It Up

It's the little things that can make a big difference in the appearance of your home. Keep the car parked in the garage and hide the garbage cans from view. Stand in front of your house and ask yourself if there's anything that might detract from making it look its best. Does the front door need painting or replaced? Do the shutters need painting? These tips to selling your home won't guarantee a sale, but they will get buyers in the front door and increase your chances of an offer.

Updated: 05/04/2012, BrendaReeves
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BrendaReeves on 06/23/2012

Thanks for the comment, 2uesday. We do the same here in the U.S.

BrendaReeves on 06/23/2012

Thanks for the comment, 2uesday. We do the same here in the U.S.

BrendaReeves on 05/13/2012

Thank you Tolovaj. That's a good suggestion. It's something I never thought of.

Tolovaj on 05/13/2012

Hi, I have one more simple tip: when potential buyer comes to inspect your place, turn on some music. I used classical music which wasn't loud but helped to cover some noise from street and neighbors. It also has relaxing effect.
It is not a place you are selling it is an impression;)

BrendaReeves on 04/09/2012

Thank you for the comment Katie.

BrendaReeves on 04/09/2012

Thank you for the comment Katie.

katiem2 on 04/09/2012

Curb appeal is SO very important. Very good tips you have here on how to optimize your homes curb appeal before you put it on the market.

BrendaReeves on 04/09/2012

Flora, thanks for the comment. Condos are a lot less work than a house though.

FloraBreenRobison on 04/09/2012

Very difficult to do when you live in a condo as I do. all condos look the same. It is a condo market where I live. Boring!

BrendaReeves on 04/09/2012

Thank you 2uesday. I once bought a house and what got me through the front door were the beautiful flowers in front.

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