Custom Watercolor Floral Wedding Invitations

by dustytoes

Watercolor flowers add a subtle beauty, and sometimes a bold pop, to designer wedding stationery.

Watercolor flowers, succulents and nature images are showing up more regularly on designer wedding stationery. Modern invitations often have big flowers or leafy wreaths located somewhere on the paper.

Painted flowers can be combined with other elements as designers strive to create unique stationery to grab the eye of couples wanting truly unique paper.

I've gathered some of the most beautiful (in my opinion) watercolor floral designs printed on Zazzle's custom wedding stationery, and added them here for all to see.

Watercolor Originals vs. Watercolor Vector Images

When searching out watercolor wedding stationery, be aware that not all images are equal.  It may not matter where your favorite floral paper came from, but I thought I'd point out some differences.

Many designers create beautiful wedding invitations and matching items using purchased graphics.  The images can be used as stand alone elements added to the stationery, or they can buy elements to mix and combine to create their own unique end product.

Occasionally I run across someone who actually paints their own images.  Now this is truly unique.  What it means is that if they don't put them up for sale on a graphic site, the image you buy on your wedding stationery will be unique to that site only.   Also you are supporting an artist when you buy their work.

I will admit, it is difficult to tell, but the artist will probably advertise on their profile that the artwork is their own.  And designers who use purchased art also create beautiful work.  I am just pointing out that there is a difference.

Midsummer Floral Watercolor Design

Peach and green colors with big floral pattern and custom text options.
Midsummer Floral Wedding Set
Midsummer Floral Wedding Set

Artistic Anemone Flowers on Dark Blue

The artwork on this wedding set was created by Ujean Kwon

Ujean is one of the few people I know of on the Zazzle site who paints her own wedding stationery designs.  And because of this, they are very unique indeed.  

Actually I am not sure how Ujean designs her products and it involves some multi-media I suppose, but all of her art is truly stunning.  She points out her originality right on her site, saying that she does not use clip art, as so many other designers use.

The "Evening Anemones" are just a sampling of her beautiful work.  Follow the link on the image below to see her other wedding designs.

Evening Anemones Floral Wedding Stationery

Painted by artist Ujean Kwon and for sale in her store Bridal Heaven.
Evening Anemone Custom Wedding Stationery Set
Evening Anemone Custom Wedding Stationery Set

Wedding Planner and Scrapbook Journal Keepsake

Plan, organize and create memories of the journey leading up to your wedding day.
The Wedding Planner & OrganizerThe Bride-to-Be Book: A Journal of Me...

The "Autumn Floral Stripes" Bold Custom Wedding Stationery

Bold colors, combined with black is a wedding design for the couple looking to stand out as very unqiue.  Designer Scott's Autumn Floral Black and White stationery is just such a design. 

Wide stripes beneath a black panel, framed in gold, gives this wedding stationery a layered look.  The flowers add a pop of color to finish off the design.

He offers many matching items in this Autumn Floral set.

Autumn Floral Black and White Stripe Custom Wedding Design

Designed by Scott at CardHunter
Autumn Floral Black and White Stripes Custom Wedding Set
Autumn Floral Black and White Stripes Custom Wedding Set

Traditional Orange Leaves, Fall Wedding Theme

Modern Matrimony has created this stunning, bright orange watercolor designer wedding set.

In this set they offer ceremony invitations, reply and enclosure cards, stickers, custom napkins and a birthday party invitation.  They will probably be glad to create more matching items upon request.


Autumn Watercolor Orange Leaves Wedding Design

Zazzle no longer sells postage stamps.
Watercolor Autumn Leaves
Watercolor Autumn Leaves

The Vintage Botanical Wedding Set

Custom designer stationery doesn't get much prettier than this Vintage Botanical set created by Scott at the CardHunter store at Zazzle.

This pretty floral wedding set contains many matching items.  Every bit of text is easy to change and like many Zazzle designers, he will help with customization if needed.

Customize your own wedding planning binder to keep moments of the days before the event.  Create a personalized guest book for guests to sign on wedding day.

Create table seating cards, enclosure cards and thank you cards, all containing this pretty floral design.

And if you love the design but don't want it for a wedding, he offers this botanical image on stationery for other occasions, such as graduation, retirement, and birthday.

Vintage Botanical Design With Pink Roses and Greenery

Colors are sage green, light pink and ecru.
Vintage Botanical Custom Wedding Stationery
Vintage Botanical Custom Wedding Stationery

Zazzle's Wedding Selections

Many designers, both professional and not so much, have wedding designs for sale at the Zazzle site.  In fact, it is overflowing with wedding stationery options.  Buyers love Zazzle for it's unique personalization options for all products, but with so much to choose from, buyers can get lost.  It's one of the reasons I write these pages.  I'm hoping I can focus on a theme that is helpful for couples.

All wording on these invitations, and all invitations at Zazzle, is a sample only, made up by the designer to fill that field.  You go in and change it for your own needs, and see the finished product before you commit to buy.  The designers are usually very happy to help with any design / text issues you have, and they often do this for no extra charge.

I hope you've found something here that will help with your wedding plans.  If not, please check out some of my other wedding articles here at Wizzley.

Updated: 12/29/2021, dustytoes
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katiem2 on 06/26/2017

I like the Evening Anemones Floral Wedding Stationery, Gorgeous!

dustytoes on 06/26/2017

The invitation selection is enormous. I'm beginning to think that promoting others is the way to go. Getting seen myself is becoming more difficult all the time. I knew nothing about weddings and invitations when I began. I've had to learn.

blackspanielgallery on 06/23/2017

An excellent mixture. I have often thought of including invitations in my Zazzle line, but I am not much of an artist. Certainly I could not be eloquent enough for such an occasion.

dustytoes on 06/21/2017

Thanks, I also love Ujean's anemone design.

Veronica on 06/21/2017

You have great taste in choosing an elegant array of examples.

I won't be getting married ever again though .The evening anemones would be my choice though if I were. :)

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