Decorating An RV For Christmas

by frugalrvers

We are happy to share our rv Christmas decorating tips with you, so that you have that holiday feel without needing tons of storage space after Santa goes back to the North Pole!

As festive, full time rvers, we want to share our ideas with you, to help make your recreational vehicle look festive for the Christmas holiday WITHOUT needing to store a lot of excess decorations in the camper in the off season.

There are consequences to the rving lifestyle (ok, not many!), and one of them is this honest fact: you cannot travel in your camper with boxes of life size Santas, snowmen and 18 strands of xmas lights!

Don't worry...we will show you some of our tricks and also prove to you that a little touch, here and there, is all you will need - and it will go a long, long way.

RV Christmas Lights And Other Lighting Ambience

What would the Christmas holiday be without the lights?! Our favorite camper decor just has to be the lighting. In fact, last Xmas we ran one strand along the tops of the cabinets on just one side of our motorhome...and I can honestly say we didn't need more - the whole rv had that holiday glow!

We loved the ambience of the xmas lights so much we left them up half the year. When the sun would set, we turned off the normal lights, put on our favorite music, relaxed and talked in the beautiful, pale green hue.

Here are the various ways to light up the interior and exterior of the recreational vehicle - just remember, to conserve space, don't overdo it!:


Many rvers have caught on to the idea of rope lights. They look fantastic, aren't as flimsy and lightweight as normal string lights and are more weatherproof.


So cute for a walkway, day or night! Make a border around your rv patio mat or a little path right to your door.


We find the "cheapo" little strands of Christmas lights work fine, and you don't need a gigantic strand. Get a small box or two (the very small, "just a few dollars" size) and put in a few areas.


The ultimate safe lighting, which creates a winter type of glow.

Rope Lights, Solar Stakes And A FLAMELESS Santa Candle....Perfect!

How To Decorate Your RV For Christmas - Linens, Covers And Small Accents

In my Halloween camper decorating article, I go into great detail on the "little things" that cover a LOT of I won't repeat it all here....but will give you some ideas!


Throws, sheets, shower curtains, towels....these all store FLAT and compact, but when unfolded, they take up a lot of area! The same goes for pillow covers that can go right over your little couch or bedroom pillows - so you are using what you use year round but giving them a holiday facelift.

Also, if you make sure to have some red and green sheets, throws, towels or placemats around throughout the year, you can use them at the holiday times simultaneously to really "color" the inside of your rv with the Christmas feel.


What are small but mighty decorations? Items that cover a lot of space but take up little room. Go wild with items such as window clings, plastic tablecloths, garland, bells, ...the sky is the limit. Think flat and lightweight. Many of these accents can be found at affordable prices at dollar stores.

RV Decorating Your Camper - The CHRISTMAS TREE a Christmas tree in a recreational vehicle isn't quite practical...where would you put the shower!? That said, if you just have to have a tree, you do have some options.

One option, if in the appropriate climate, is to have a Xmas tree outside, under your awning. It will likely have to be real, because most rvers can't store an artificial tree in such limited space (unless you get rid of a lot of your stove, fridge...ho, ho, ho!). The problem with this is that you will want decorations for it....and here we go again. More stuff, less space....remember before hitting the open road, those days when you said you wanted to simplify your life? Well, a tree and decorations is a good idea of how to complicate it!

Why not consider a cute little tree or something like a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree? They are so cute and PERFECT for rvers! If that isn't your cup of tea (a scraggly little tree) then get a tiny little fir to set on your dinette table. Keep it small...........

Though we didn't get a Charlie Brown tree, last Christmas we did buy a very, very tiny tree and put a little LED wire lighting on it, plus some small decorations and a bow on top. It is maybe 12" tall but we love it! When the season is over, it goes under the dinette booth.

What About Motorhome Christmas Ornaments? I Will Miss Them!!!!

If you love ornaments and are sad that you can't decorate a tree in your rv, here is a cute idea for you! Most rvs have overhead cabinets with handles. As long as an ornament isn't too fragile, you can place one on the cabinet handles throughout your motorhome or travel trailer! Most cabinet handles are parallel to the ground, which makes them the perfect perch. For the truly creative types, you can use tacks and put them around the camper, run fishing line and hang them wherever you wish.

I did a whole article on adorable rv themed Christmas ornaments. There are ones available for every type of recreational vehicle out there!

When shopping for rv gifts, consider a camper ornament for an rv christmas gift. It is something we rvers wouldn't buy for ourselves, and there are so many to choose from!

Decorate An RV For The Holidays With INFLATABLE FIGURINES

In a recreational vehicle, decorations are limited by storage space, as you know. You just cannot store a bunch of large, stuffed Santas and snowmen on board. We can barely store necessities in our motorhome as it is. But don't despair! Here is a great idea to make your camper festive without reducing gas mileage from pounds of holiday decorations...

As long as you have the oxygen to spare, why not invest in some lightweight, inflatable snowmen, reindeer and Santas? Get a big Santa to put outside, or find little inflatables at the dollar store. They are light and compact, so no problems when taking them with you on the road!

Final RV Christmas Decorating Tips - Homemade Is The Best!

Finally, you can give your camper all of the holiday spirit it needs for free! You can even include family and grandkids in the process. How you ask? Well...remember those cute paper snowflakes we all made as kids? White construction paper and scissors was all you needed? Well rvs might not have a lot of decorating wall space, but they sure have a lot of ceiling to spare.

Do it yourself or have children help make paper snowflakes. Then get some fishing line and hang them at various lengths from your ceiling with push pins. If you don't like the hanging idea, stick them all over the cabinets throughout the recreational vehicle and voila! Instant Christmas! These will add so much holiday spirit to your camper...they can even be stuck on mirrors.

You will find that less is more with rv decorating. You can cheaply make your rv look like a holiday haven, without taking up storage space in the off season. Happy holidays and happy rv decorating!!

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In the middle of our lives, financially and mentally unprepared, we walked away from it all and stepped into a 30 foot travel trailer. RVing was key to finding the simple life...
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DerdriuMarriner on 06/27/2017

frugalrvers, Do you leave the exterior decorations outside at a stop or do you bring them, outdoor furniture and mat in every night?

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