Does Our Cash Only, RV Lifestyle Define Unconventional?

by frugalrvers

We always joke about being called unconventional, while we are living on cash only in an rv, before financially "ready" per society's terms. But is it a compliment or criticism?

To me, being unconventional actually leads to a healthier, more fulfilling life. I've always avoided belonging to groups, clubs, cliques and the like. Not because I am completely antisocial, but because I always felt it resulted in being too closed minded.

Organized this and that, whether religion, politics or any other part of normal life, always led me to run in the other direction. I don't believe anyone has all of the answers. I don't care for black and white living, having to choose all this or all that. I don't trust anyone who tells me they've got it all figured out.

By being unconventional, I've learned that the message I've been given since birth, that I must do this and that, have this and that and believe this and that is...well...bull! I've stepped outside of the box and found a more fulfilling life - plus better self esteem because I solved my own dilemmas on my terms.

Unconventional Definition

What? Living In A Travel Trailer Full Time Isn't Normal? You're Kidding!

My interpretation of the definition of unconventional is that it is someone who doesn't follow the "norms." Heh. That isn't so bad, is it? Everyone wants to be unique...and the sad picture of following the herd is an image that isn't very complimentary. So in some ways we want to be unconventional, right?

I always thought of it as a compliment of sorts. Yeah...I'm a MAVERICK, a ONE-OF-A-KIND soul. When they made me, they broke the mold! Certainly, following a lifestyle of unconventionality is to be admired? But why do some people seem bitter about my cheap rv living lifestyle?

Ralph Waldo Emerson Said It Best....Do Not Follow Where The Path May Lead....

Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead (Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote) motiv...

The Downside Of Unconventionality - Being Too Different

When Does "Way To Go!" Become "Go Away!?"

So when does the unconventionality meter start to register as a negative instead of a positive? There is no exact science here to help, of course...but being labeled "out-there" is quite a leap from the normal, natural desire to be unique, which most people like to proclaim they are in one way or another. Don't believe me? Just try calling someone a conformist who cannot think for him/herself! That would be an insult...

As rvers, who by society's definition weren't "ready" to be rving, given the status of our checkbook, we have been met with "you guys are awesome!" on one extreme to resentment from others. Of course you have to weed through some cases of envy, because there are people out there who are unconventional inside, but feeling stuck in conformity. Heck, before I made this huge leap, I had a lot of envious feelings regarding those I saw living the simple life I only dreamed of. But where does the anger and resentful feeling come from, when someone is quietly walking down their own path, hurting no one? Why such a negative response?

I can say, even if I couldn't live the life I desired for many, many years, I've always been consistently unconventional. You name it: politics, modern medicine/pharmaceuticals, parenting, processed foods, religion, insurance...I just don't follow the "norms" on any of these modes of thinking and follow alternative paths on all of them. Society has always been sorta vanilla to me, and I'm more of a neapolitan lover. But rving pushed my individuality out into the open. It wasn't a thought to be kept inside, a strong opinion I could keep my mouth zipped was out there for everyone to see. Who does this?! Who walks away from all of their comforts and into a life of unknowns and no security?

So is that the key? External vs. Internal Unconventionality? In my lifetime, I've seen the most aggressive responses come in correlation with external cues (outside appearances, vocal declarations). Is that when it crosses over from being cute and spirited to a negative personality trait or a human defect? What is the threat of unconventionality, if lifestyle choices aren't impacting anyone but the person living their lives?

A Great Quote By Paul McCartney

Now I Know

Do You Consider Yourself Unconventional?

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frugalrvers on 03/31/2016

Thank you!

frankbeswick on 03/31/2016

Being different means that you are an authentic individual, and that makes you more interesting than many conventional people. Stick to your plans and be proud of your project.

frugalrvers on 03/31/2016

Good for you! And by the way, you are NOT alone - companies like zipcar are for all of the people like you who don't need a car regularly. Be sure to look into them...a great service...more affordable than a rental and very convenient.

BrendaReeves on 03/31/2016

I think you are probably right. I'm selling my house and plan to move into an area with good public transportation. I'm going to suspend my insurance for a year and test out going carless. If I love it, I'll do it. Think of the money I'd save without the cost of insurance, repairs, new tires, taxes, car washes and motor vehicle fees. I can always rent a car if I want to get out of town.

frugalrvers on 03/31/2016

Good to see you, Brenda!

In my perception, we live in a world (unfortunately) that has stopped thinking for themselves on so many levels. Trusting your gut, using your intuition and believing in yourself (internal tools) have been traded in for watching what others are doing, trusting "experts" to tell you what to do and succumbing to herd mentality (all external).

The slightest threat (an unconventional idea) which could cause a paradigm shift to their reality is often met with anger or, at least, immediate criticism and/or ridicule. Watch the mainstream response to anyone who wants to live off the grid, use alternative medicine vs Big Pharma, become an artist and live simply vs working in a cubicle for 40 years...or, yes - even going carless, like you've considered doing.

When I started breaking free of modern society's illness and noticing how the majority look like they are in a fog most of the time - I was actually more inspired to distance myself from the pack and start listening to myself once more...and yes, even having empathy for those who are my harshest critics....because they are missing out on living.

So if you are thinking about going carless, don't look externally - make the decision based on YOU - trust your gut, your intuition...what a different world it would be if everyone did that.

BrendaReeves on 03/31/2016

I often tell people I would like to go carless. I get a response of "you can't do that" which I find strange. It's as if it makes them angry.

katiem2 on 01/17/2013

I would have to say I too am unconventional in that I do what I feel from my heart and soul giving little if any thought to the norm or what's considered the norm. You inspire me to keep calm and free spirit on! Hea has this one been done yet?????

supermom_in_ny on 01/09/2013

Well, I believe you are brave for doing the right thing for you and your partner. I applaud you!

frugalrvers on 01/09/2013

Thanks so much, Supermom...
I like to think and joke that I "listened to my parents TOO WELL" when I was young. They all did the right thing, complained about their work, were exhausted on days off, stressed over the rat race. I decided to do the opposite, given what I saw and heard growing up (even though I think they thought the message was to "do the right thing" not the opposite!)...

supermom_in_ny on 01/09/2013

People are angry because they are jealous! Freedom from cable bills, electric bills, landscaping expenses, home repairs.... What?! I don't know if I would have moved to this rural community from NYC if I would have known all the expenses involved! Bravo for your courage! My daughter lived in an RV for two months, while she did some non profit work and she loved the freedom. (Doesn't hurt that she was in some of the most beautiful National Parks in the US!) Enjoy yourself. You are free from the rat race, the cubicle and the Master Card. Congratulations!
Thumbs up! ;)

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