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Deuce Gorgon is a Monster High character doll. Monster High's Deuce Gorgon is the son of Medusa.

Monster High is the school where teenagers of legendary monster from all monster groups can take classes, make new friends, and handle the tribulations of being a teenager. This is the basic idea behind the Monster High franchise which began with these unique character dolls. Deuce Gorgon, character and doll, is part of the Monster High franchise produced by Mattel.

Deuce Gorgon is the son of the infamous Medusa who could turn people to stone by looking at them. Because Deuce has the ability to turn people to stone (temporarily) he wears glasses to prevent his gaze from actually turning someone to stone; though, his gaze has sometimes been permanent as is the case with his childhood pet.

Deuce's hair is green with snakes forming a Mohawk style on the top of his head. He is currently dating Cleo de Nile and has been since the beginning of the Monster High webisodes.

Deuce Gorgon is 16 years of age. He often wears skate shoes and hoodies and lists Jackson Jekyll as one of his best friends.

Facts About Monster High's Deuce Gorgon

Deuce Gorgon details

Did your know?

Monster High student Deuce Gorgon's favorite and least favorite class is Culinary Arts.  Deuce pretends to hate it but he really enjoys the class because he secretly loves to cook.  His favorite activities are cooking and playing casketball. Notably, Deuce loves the color Neon Green.

Monster High Deuce Gorgon & Cleo de Nile Gift Set

Monster High dolls
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Cleo de Nile & Deuce Gorgon Dolls

Monster High Couple Gift Package

Cleo de Nile first dated Clawd Wolf but after an amicable split she immediately started dating Deuce Gorgon.  They are tight and very affectionate; though, Cleo has been jealous of his relationship with other women.

The Monster High Cleo de Nile and Deuce Gorgon doll set features these dolls with fashions, two journals, Cleo's pet Hissette, Deuce's pet Perseus, one brush, two stands and a purse for the Cleo de Nile doll.

Monster High Deuce Gorgon doll

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Monster High Dawn of the Dance Deuce Gorgon doll

Monster High doll

The Deuce Gorgon doll is part of the Monster High Dawn of the Dance collection.  The Deuce Gorgon doll comes with doll, fashion, doll sized icoffin, stand and New Ghoul at School DVD.

Monster High Student Pet - Perseus

Deuce Gorgon's two tailed rat

Deuce Gorgon's pet is a two tailed, Mohawk sporting, ear pieced rat named Perseus.  Perseus is named after a Greek soldier his mom once knew (the one that was said to kill her in Myth).  His mother does not find the name funny and has threatened to turn Perseus into a paper weight (mainly for stealing cheese from their pantry). 

Perseus is 16 years old in monster rat years.  This monster rat likes to hang out at the skate park or at home with Deuce.  He does not like the fact that he cannot go to school with Deuce because Deuce knows how to fetch him cheese.  Perseus' best friends are Hissette and Neptuna.

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