Fab Disney Frozen Toys for Kids

by Marie

Choosing toys for kids can be tricky, especially if you are not the parent. As mom to a Disney Frozen mad girl, I've picked a selection of toys, playsets and games we really like.

Kids between 5 to 10 especially are the age range most likely to be clamoring for Frozen toys, games and play items this Christmas and also for their birthdays too. I'm mom to a 7 year old girl and when I asked what she was hoping to get, anything from her favorite movie was top of the list. Luckily Santa's bought her something good.

While searching for some great products, I found a range of fun items and sets with the favorite characters Princess Anna, Elsa and Olaf the snowman that will appeal to both boys and girls. Have fun choosing yourself.

Cool Character Figure Playsets

Playsets for small and larger doll characters and figures can provide hours of creative play where children can act out favorite scenes from the Disney movie or make up stories of their own choosing. 

You need to consider first whether to go large or small. Small sets can be less expensive to buy and because of their size you can store more of them in the space available. Larger sets tend to cost more but can be enjoyed with bigger dolls and figures.

Personally, my little girl prefers smaller mini doll playsets where the figures are around 3 inches tall. Barbie loving girls may prefer the sets sized for the standard 12 inch fashion dolls.

We love the cute MagiClip (also known as Magic Clip) doll range by Mattel. These cute figures are mini sized at around 3 inches and they feature plastic clothes that clip on for young girls to dress. The great thing is that there are lots of fun MagiClip characters and sets that you can mix and match with since there are loads in the Disney Princess line.

This is a cute little Princess Anna castle set which doesn't cost the earth and it features a mini castle room with a balcony, small Anna doll and some accessories which include a chaise. This is a small set so if you want something much bigger consider the Ice Palace set instead. 

The ice palace castle toy is sized for approx 12 inch dolls like Barbie although you can also get Anna and Elsa dolls this size too. Note that the actual dolls are NOT included. You get the palace itself plus a little Olaf the snowman figure and some furnishings.

Disney Frozen Ice Palace Playset for Fashion Sized Dolls
Disney Frozen Ice Palace Playset for Fashion Sized Dolls
Image from Amazon and Shown on this Page

Favorite Winter Ice Queen Elsa Dolls

Like many girls, my daughter's favorite character is Elsa - the magic ice maiden! She was desperate for an Elsa doll for Christmas so we bought her the skating version which was what she particularly wanted when seeing it in a toy store. 

Personally, as a parent speaking, I think the skating figures (Anna is available too) are a bit of a novelty. They are similar to a standard Barbie size but they have 'skates' on and one foot is on a snowflake design.

How this skating action works. Kids need to clip on the snowflake to a foot and push this foot along a smooth surface to see the princess bob gracefully up and down as if they are skating. It does look quite good and it doesn't need batteries which is even better.

She's a pretty doll and has both good points and bad. It's not one we'd have picked ourselves but then isn't that often the way when getting gifts for kids at Christmas. Sometimes they pick things that you wouldn't. She will have fun with it and that's the main thing.

I really like this very cute singing and speaking Elsa toddler doll who looks simply adorable PLUS she comes with a really sweet Olaf snowman toy too. This doll has lots of sounds and phrases from the movie and you can hear a clip from the Let it Go song when you raise her arm. Both her necklace and dress can light up too. This one is very cute for young girls.

Singing and Speaking Adorable Elsa Toddler Doll and Olaf the Snowman Friend
Singing and Speaking Adorable Elsa Toddler Doll and Olaf the Snowman Friend
Image from Amazon and Shown on this Page

Olaf the Snowman Fun Playsets

Olaf is a fun character for girls and boys to enjoy playing with. He's simply the coolest snowman around. There are a number of figures, sets, games and soft plush characters based on this snowman but here's a couple of things that have really stood out for me.

The summer tea set can of course be played with during winter too. It's aptly named a summer set because Olaf happens to love the summer so much which makes him a really unusual snowman too.

It's a fun 17 piece set which includes an Olaf teapot with his carrot nose, 4 stacking cups, 4 little plates, 4 spoons and 4 lemon slices. It's a sweet set to have a pretend play tea party with. And since it is all plastic, kids can put real water in and pour out drinks in the cups.

The other item I picked out is a funny Olaf doll - more like a vinyl figure. Have fun with the Olaf character who can make you laugh. Push down on the top of his head and you will get some different facial expressions.

Kids can have fun popping off his head and removing his arms too just as he comes apart in the movie. This is one gift that may well appeal greatly to boys too. 

Pull apart and silly faces Olaf the Frozen snowman plastic doll
Pull apart and silly faces Olaf the Frozen snowman plastic doll
Image from Amazon and Shown on this Page

Inexpensive Toys and Games for Kids

Sometimes you need toys and items which don't cost too much and that can be difficult with Frozen since items are in demand. However, I've hunted down a few good pieces which are normally cheap to buy yet have good reviews too.

The art set is a good buy for a small or a party gift. It is a cute looking plastic set and filled with some matching items including pad, pencils, crayons, eraser, sharpener, marker pens and paint set. Everything for young children to get busy with drawing and painting art activities.

Spot It is an award winning game for 2-8 players and is good for ages 3 and up. It's a card game in a tin. You get 55 cards and essentially it is a clever matching game between letters and images - between any two cards in the pack, there is only 1 letter or image that will be a match. First player to spot it, wins! There are 3 different ways to play so that you can mix things up a bit too. Great game for younger kids to engage in with adults.

How about a giant 3 ft floor cardboard puzzle with 46 jigsaw pieces to put together. This has Elsa, Anna, Sven, Hans, Kristoff and Olaf as the characters to enjoy creating. It's not quite so easy to make since it isn't a standard rectangle shape so it will require a bit of concentration to create it. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Have fun finding a great item.


Artistic Studios Disney Frozen Character Art Tote Activity Set

All-in-one art set with built in handle and see-thru lid features your favorite licensed characters. Carrying case holds 10 crayons, 6 markers, pencils and sharpener, eraser, ar...

$11.99  $7.98

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Spot it! Disney Frozen - Alphabet

Winner of two Academy Awards, Disney Frozen, has captivated imaginations worldwide. Journey with Elsa and Anna to match letters and images from the enchanting cast of Frozen. Fa...

$13.99  $8.50

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Disney Frozen Floor Puzzle (46-Piece) 24" x 36"

Beautiful graphics depict your favorite characters from the Disney hit movie, Frozen. Large 46 pc floor puzzle easy to assemble over and over. Box can be used for a handy storag...

$13.99  $9.89

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Fab Disney Frozen Toys and Games for Kids
Fab Disney Frozen Toys and Games for Kids
Image is in the Public Domain from Pixabay and has been altered by the author
Updated: 02/19/2016, Marie
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