Disney Pixar Brave Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies

by SusanVillasLewis

Everything you need to throw the best Brave birthday party ever!

If you're planning a birthday party with a theme based on the Disney Pixar movie Brave, you've come to the right place!

Work with officially licensed Brave party supplies or develop your own ideas for a great birthday party theme.

Elements to consider using include stone walls like the castle Merida lives in, archery items like targets and a black horse like Angus. Include the forest she hunts in and Scottish images for a unique event.

Official Brave party supplies are starting to arrive, but this is still a serious work in progress as new ideas come to me.

Brave Party Invitations

Work with Scottish images to design your own or go with official Brave invites

Official designs for invitations and thank you notes from the Brave birthday party supplies. 

Disney Brave Party Invitations

$3.59 at Celebrate Express
Pack of 8

Disney Brave Thank You Notes

$3.59 at Celebrate Express
Pack of 8


I also found some cute Merida invitations over at Etsy. Not officially licensed, so not sure how long they can get away with them.

Custom Brave Birthday Invitations and Thank Yous

So - When's the party?

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Good luck with the party planning! I'm sure it'll be fabulous.

Brave Party Supplies

Some licensed Brave products as well as theme-appropriate ideas

Grab a party pack with officially licensed Brave party supplies to get you started with your Brave party. The packs come with everything you need for eight to 16 guests, including plates and decorations.

But if you want to create something a little different? Given that the audience most likely to want a Brave birthday party would be tween girls - 8-12 years old, likely - we don't necessarily have to have character plates to make it a Brave party. They're pretty good at using their imaginations.

What do I suggest? If you want to go the full on medieval route, consider wooden plates, gold goblets, family style food, no silverware. (Which means a carefully considered menu.)

If you want to stick with standard party supplies, colors can be whatever your child wants, although I'd suggest green, blue, gold and red to follow the colors of Merida herself.

Knight's Party Mugs
$8.50 at Oriental Trading Company
Pack of a dozen plastic cups
Great for giving that medieval feel to the party table

Goblet - $2.59

from: Birthday in a Box


Disney Brave Square Dinner Plates Party Supplies

Includes (8) paper themed square dinner plates. This is an officially licensed Disney Brave product.

Only $12.99

View on Amazon

Disney Brave Square Dessert Plates Party Supplies

Includes (8) square paper dessert plates that are 7" wide. This is an officially licensed Disney Brave product.

Only $9.99

View on Amazon

Disney Brave 9 oz. Paper Cups Party Supplies

Includes (8) themed paper 9 oz. cups. This is an officially licensed Disney Brave product.

Only $10.99

View on Amazon

Disney Brave Lunch Napkins Party Supplies

Includes (16) lunch napkins. This is an officially licensed Disney Brave product.

$8.51  $2.99

View on Amazon

Set the Scene Like Merida's Home at Disney

Great visual elements to copy from her settings at either park
Magic Kingdom Park - Merida
Magic Kingdom Park - Merida
Disneyland Park - Merida
Disneyland Park - Merida

Brave Party Decorations

Lots of options here from the movie

We have a few different settings in the movie that would contribute to ideas for decorating for your Brave birthday party. You could pick just one or choose a variety to create stations around the party area.

First of course is the castle where Merida and her family live. The pictures I've seen so far make it seem like your typical gray stone castle and there aren't a lot of decorations around to break it up.

The second obvious idea is the archery competition, which is an outside venue. There are tents set up for vendors and a seating area for the royal family. All of that is easily replicated and would work well if you wanted to do a full-on Highland games activity.

Halloween Castle Entrance Door Cover 30in. x 5ft. 1/Pkg, Pkg/1

Let the Halloween Celebrations begin with Decorations! Start your Halloween Party off with a bang! and make your guests feel like they are in for a Real Haunting Event! ...

Only $6.87

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Stone Wall Backdrop 4ft. x 30ft. Pkg/1

This photo realistic stone wall backdrop looks just like a real stone wall. Stone Wall Backdrop is 4 feet tall and 30 feet long Made of thin plastic that can be cut and shaped ...

$20.06  $15.0

View on Amazon

Black Horse 43 Inch Huge Super Shaped Mylar Balloon

Black Shaped Horse 43 inch HUGE shaped Mylar balloon is of deluxe quality can be filled with helium or air is self sealing and REFILLABLE Please check our store for other ...

Only $5.17

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Disney Brave Plastic Tablecover Party Supplies

Includes (1) themed plastic tablecover. Measures 54" x 102". This is an officially licensed Disney Brave product.

Only $10.76

View on Amazon

Brave Poster - 2012 Movie Promo Flyer - 11 X 17 Disney Scottish Princess

Brave Movie Promo Flyer

Only $12.00

View on Amazon

(22x34) Brave Aim For Adventure Movie Poster Print

(22x34) Brave Aim For Adventure Movie Poster Print

View on Amazon

Brave Birthday Party Cake and Food Ideas

It doesn't seem like a birthday party without cake, right? Cake the way we do it isn't exactly period appropriate, but who cares!

Check out the edible cake images below from Brave, as well as cup cake toppers, candles and cupcake rings. For now, let's think of some ideas you can use without all that. 

  • Cake shaped like Angus, Merida's black horse - although black frosting can do a number on your teeth!
  • Black forest cake
  • Scottish shortbread cookies instead of cake!

For the rest of the food, you could do a full meal. Ever been to Medieval Times? No silverware! The menu there consists of cornish hen, roasted potatoes, soup - all of which can be downed without forks or spoons.

If you have your heart set on cupcakes, consider making your own cupcake toppers for them, the kind that stick into the top of the cupcake. A friend of mine has complete directions at that link and I found bottlecap stickers to use at Etsy. You could also use the Brave figures in the playset pictured here either on a big cake or one per cupcake.

Edible Cake Toppers of Brave

Picture they're using are mostly scenes from the movie
Wilton Party Pony Pan

This proud pony will spur you on to create the perfect party cake. He’s a sure bet for birthdays, race day parties and school celebrations.

$14.59  $14.99

View on Amazon

Horse Cake Pan -14 Inches

Bake your favorite cakes in this heavy gauge tinplated steel horse mold. 14 inches in length with a 6 cup capacity. Made in Portugal.

Only $27.99

View on Amazon

Horse Or Unicorn Pantastic Pan

Lightweight, durable plastic pan can be used exactly like aluminum pans in a conventional oven as well as a microwave. Complete instructions are included with pan. Can also be ...

Only $17.25

View on Amazon

Horse Small Cake Pan Set of 6

Use this set of 6 pans to make horse shaped small cakes and muffins. Made of sturdy tinplate steel. 4.5 inches long by 2 inches wide. Made in Portugal.

Only $12.98

View on Amazon

Maybe You'd Prefer Brave Cupcakes?

Edible photo toppers to use to decorate cupcakes

Brave Birthday Party Games and Activities

Some ideas to get you going in planning stuff to do!

There are several different locations we see Merida in during the movie Brave. You could use those scenes as stations for the party to organize activities. Or maybe do the activities!

Here are a few of the thoughts I had about what to do at a Brave party.

  • Archery instruction - Merida's skill is a crucial part of the plot. Maybe your girls would like to have the party at an archery range and get some instruction in the sport. Or you could check into having an instructor come to the house. Benefit of providing safety training along with the fun.
  • "Archery" tournament - The targets are easy to come by. You could have a tournament throwing/shooting things other than arrows.
  • Horse ride, farm visit to see Clysdales
  • Organize a hunt to find Mordu. Plan it out like a scavenger or treasure hunt.
  • Brave coloring books - Great option for some quiet time with younger kids.
Junior Archery Set, 39 Inch Fiberglass Bow, 3 18 Inch Arrows, 4 Color Targets, Boxed

Camo compound 39 fiberglass bow that comes with three 18 suction cupped arrows and a 4 color target.

Only $19.99

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Toy Bow And Arrow Archery Set With Suction Cup Arrows And Target


Only $19.99

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Brave Party Favors

Cool ideas for Brave items to send home with your guests

Brave Party Favor Box

Includes: a sticker sheet, lipgloss necklace, horse figurine, assorted dragonfly ring and an assorted flower bounce ball.


Bow and Arrow Sets (1 dz)

Nothing is more fun than watching your children pretend they are Robin Hood saving the fair maid Marian! This Bow & Arrow Set is perfect for any aspiring little archer!

View on Amazon

30" BOW & ARROW SET Case Pack 12

A competitive activity with a Native American flavor. This bow and arrow set is a wonderful and safe introduction into the world of archery. Comes with three plastic arrows, a ...

$79.95  $74.99

View on Amazon

Child Legolas Bow and Arrow Set

Includes: Toy bow, toy arrow, toy quiver. Dimensions: 18.5" Tall

Only $29.47

View on Amazon

Disney Brave Tattoo Sheets Party Supplies

Includes (2) themed tattoo sheets. This is a licensed Disney Brave product.

Only $6.88

View on Amazon

Disney Brave Treat Bags Party Supplies

Includes (8) themed treat bags. This is an officially licensed Disney Brave product.

Only $6.99

View on Amazon

Disney Brave Lipgloss Necklaces Party Supplies

Includes (4) themed lipgloss necklaces. This is an officially licensed Disney Brave product.

Only $7.88

View on Amazon

Custom items at eBay - Necklaces, candy wrappers and water bottle labels
Updated: 03/08/2017, SusanVillasLewis
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