Do Tarot Cards Work?

by TessaSchlesinger

Can Tarot be used to give you clarity in certain situations in your life. I used to think no, then I discovered something fascinating

Tarot Cards CAN be accurate. Believe it. If you’ve ever been in a difficult situation and didn’t know which decision to make, then you’ve probably wondered if a free online Tarot card reading can help you. The answer is no. This article is about when Tarot Card can be accurate and why Tarot Card Predictions don’t work, and how Tarot cards reach the unconscious mind (which is often right about things). If you want a free accurate Tarot Card Reading, read on...

The History of the Tarot Card

Tarot Card History

At the end of the 19th century, as science became fashionable, superstitions began to be examined in a new light. Psychology was in fashion. Reading Tarot card spreads hadevolved over about 600 years – and some thought that they were a fairly accurate renditions of the archetypes of the human unconscious mind. With this in mind, the Rider Wait Tarot Card was commissioned using the Archetypes of the human mind as a basis for the cards. It took a number of years, but by the time the artwork of the cards had been completed, they were a fairly accurate rendition of the various archtypes of human consciousness.

Using Your Entire Mind to Make Good Decisions

Tarot and the Unconscious Mind

Everybody knows that our unconscious minds contains everything we know and that it works out things very fast - which is really what intuition is. It presents us with solutions that we didn't even know we knew (that's why we think it comes from somewhere else). The really difficult part is how to get the information in our unconscious minds. That's where Tarot Cards come into use. In fact, psychiatrists and psychologists do the same thing using the Rorschach Ink Blot test

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Rorschach Ink Blot Test.

Getting the righ answers from the unconscious mind

Psychiatrists use the Rorschach Ink Blot test to find out what patients are really thinking and what they are suppressing. The psychiatrist shows the patient various different cards with different shapes of inks blotches on them. The patient interprets them. The interpretations reveal what the patient is really thinking. Well, Tarot cards as a result of the fact that Tarot cards were designed to reveal all the different archtypes, they are a far more sophisticated and accurate form of the Rorschach Ink Blot Test.

Tarot Card Questions and Answers.

Tarot Card Method

Generally a Tarot card reader will ask you, the Tarot Card Querent (questioner), to lay out the cards in a certain pattern facing down. It is believed that your energy transfers to the cards and then influences the cards to bring up exactly the right card to indicate what is going on in your life. Essentially, if you don't know what is on the cards, it's unlikely you will select the right cards for you. That's because, while your unconscious mind is a pretty amazing tool, it's not able to see things that aren't there. A Tarot card reader believes that by turning the cards upside down, the conscious mind does not intervene, and only the unconscious mind makes the decisions as to which card to select. However, as most people do not know what the card means, and as the pictures are about archetypes and arche-situations, the conscious mind is bypassed anyway, and only the unconscious mind is accessed. So there is

The Fool Tarot
The Fool Tarot
Rider Waite Tarot Card
Rider Waite Tarot Card

Mind Over Tarot Matter

Do Tarot Card Readers Really Work?

There is some small evidence that, despite the tarot cards, being face down, some people receive accurate readings, indicating that, at some level, the unconscious mind was conscious of what was on the cards.

For some talented individuals, it's probably possible to know what is in their cards, even though the cards are face down. There are various explanations, telepathy or the existence of other entities who are telepathic. If so, it's possible that they can be peeping at the cards and then they might transfer that information, telepathicly, to the reader of the cards... 

The bottom line, however, is that we don't know if there's any truth in any of that. Still, if the Tarot cards are used face up, rather than face down, then they become an effective way of reaching the unconscious mind. And the unconscious mind often is a better decision maker and predictor of what likely outcomes will be than the conscious mind.


The Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana

Major Arcana, Minor Arcana

Tarot is divided into two distinct packs. The Major Arcana consists of twenty two cards and the Minor Arcane consists of fifty six cards. Each of the cards in the Major Arcana represents an archetype and each of the cards in the Minor Arcana represents the daily events of our lives. For the purposes of this article, we are only going to be dealing with the Major Arcana.

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Selecting Your Cards...

Tarot Spreads, Tarot Readings

If the pictures on each of the Major Arcana is reflective of the deep inside knowledge, instincts, and needs (archetypes) within us, then by looking at them, just as we would look at a Rorschach ink blot test, we will automatically select those cards (face up, of course) that have a deep significance for us. We may not know what that significance is but we will unerringly select those cards. And, yes, I have done this now with 96 people and they were all amazed at the accuracy. It works, jus the same way that the Rorschach Ink Blot does for psychologists and psychiatrists.

Most Popular Tarot Card Spread

Celtic Cross Spread

So, let’s run an experiment here. In Tarot’s Celtic Cross Spread, the cards are laid out in a particular way face down. Each of these cards will tell you (supposedly) something about yourself. The first, for instance, will represent you, theTarot Card Querent. The second supposedly is an indication of forces that work for you and against you. The third deals with the root of the issue that you are facing, and it progresses down to the last card which supposedly tells you the outcome of your question. I say, supposedly, because mostly the kind of cards that come up bear no relationship to the question, and it takes a lot of imagination to figure it out. In short, I don’t believe the system works – except for a very few people who have some sort of extrasensory ability we don't yet understand.

Designing Your Own Tarot Card Spread

A Better Tarot Card Spread

So, the new Tarot Card method works by using only the cards of the Major Arcana and laying them face up (and you don’t need a Tarot Card Reader to do this), then selecting the cards that appeal to you. Here's the method!

  • First ask the question, detailing very clearly to yourself what information you want to know.
  • Lay out all the cards of the Major Arcana face up. Select four cards that you gravitate towards.
  • Then take the cards again, shuffle them, and put them face down. While doing this, think of your question again, and chose this final card face down. Separate it from your other face up cards.
  • Use a Tarot Book to interpret your answers. The four face-up four cards will be the various issues in your life which are dominant, and which prevent you from seeing the real issue clearly. By understanding which issues are clouding your mind, you are freeing up the rest of your mind to focus on the real question. So it's important when you interpret those four archetypes to be very clear about them.
  • The fifth face-down card is the mystic part of Tarot. This is the part that neither I nor others can truly explain in a scientific way. However, I've found that by laying out the cards in this way, the fifth card is far more likely to be accurate. It's as if by getting rid of the intruding thoughts and information, the unconscious mind prevents a much more clear picture to the real question!

Designing Your Own Questions for the New Tarot Spread Method

Get the Right Answer from Tarot

Framing your questions in a way that gives you the best information you need takes a little thought. You will start with the most important question, the last one, and frame the other four around them. Those four need to be about what you currently feel about the situation, what your fears are in the current situation, if you could cope if those fears became reality, and if you would prefer the situation to remain as it currently is. You already know the answers to those four questions at an unconscious level but sometimes it just hasn’t filtered through yet. Once, they are out of the way, then the full power of your unconscious mind, the seat of the human spirit, can deal with the fifth question.

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Tarot Fortune Telling
Tarot Fortune Telling

The New Tarot Card Spread in Detail!

Tarot Card Spread which works best!

You shuffle the cards and lay them down, face up, before you. You then select four cards. As you select them, you are specifically focusing on the question and the various side issues to the question. Let's pretend you want to buy a new car. So while selecting the four cards from the face-up spread, you would ask the following four questions.

· Am I sufficiently financially stable to do this?

· Do I fear losing financial stability?

· Could I cope if I lost my financial stability

· Would I prefer to keep my old car and keep the money?

Now, you select each card in response to one of those questions. Interpret the cards using a Tarot Interpretation book. You will see that the unconscious mind easily interpreted what was on your mind. Remember that the Rider Waite Tarot cards were specifically designed to interpret the human unconscious mind. By revealing what is really going on in your unconscious mind, you come to a better state of clarity. When you ask the final question, whether you should buy the car, there will be more clarity in your unconscious mind, and this will enable a better reply to your question - even though the cards are now face down.

Now pick up the cards and shuffle them, then lay them face down, and focusing once more on the question, ask the question.

Use the Tarot Card interpretation book to interpret the answer.

Do Free Online Tarot Card Readings Work?

Free Online Tarot Readings

No, they don’t work. I don’t buy it that we have sufficient mind energy to influence the cards on the computer. However, you do have a free, effective Tarot Card reading. This new New Tarot Spread uses well known psychological means to understand what we are thinking and feeling at an unconscious level, and then for the most important part of the Tarot Card Spread, we use all the resources of our spiritual and energetic selves to get an answer to the real question we need to know.


Keep a Record of Your Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Card Reading, Tarot Card Interpretation

Now get out your new tarot card interpretation book and see where you really stand. You might be surprised at how accurate the first four are, revealing fears and confidences that you never new previously about yourself. You see, each of those Major Arcana Tarot Cards have many symbols on them and in some way, we recognize those symbols and chose them. We won’t always be consciously aware of what they mean but they make sense to us at a deeper level within ourselves. When we use the book to translate those cards, we learn about ourselves.

If you do not already have a Tarot Card book to interpret your cards with, and especially if you're new to this, may I recommend two books. The first The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tarot. I've been using it for a long time, and despite the fact that I've moved on from basics, I still find that when I'm stuck and I need a simple overview to give me a foundation, this is the best book of the lot. The second book has to do with interpreting the cards. You will need to become expert at that. This book gives you a solid foundation and digs a lot deeper than any of the other books that I have read. The title is, "The Tarot. The Origins, Meanings, and Uses of the Cards' by Alfred Douglas.

Would you use this method to learn what you know deep, deep down inside?

Selecting Your Rider Waite Tarot Card Pack

Best Tarot Card Pack to Buy

Although there are many different types of Tarot Cards, the Rider Waite design was the one designed with the archetypes of the human mind. That's why it's the best type to use.

So good luck with your new tool to finding out everything you thought you didn't know but actually do. It's all there in your unconscious mind, and you don't need  someone else to tell you what it is!


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TessaSchlesinger on 05/18/2013

WriterArtist, I am heavily sceptical about turning cards upside down and thinking the universe guides your choice. I do think that all of us have a very minute, infinitely small bit of intuition, just not as powerful that would make Tarot work. That said, they're great as archetypes!

WriterArtist on 05/17/2013

I have always been skeptical about the tarot cards, but many of my friends believe in it. I can understand it better now.

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