Does Paranormal Activity Exist?

by TessaSchlesinger

Regardless of belief systems, paranormal activity is difficult to explain. Here I attempt to explain it from experience...

At some point in their lives, everyone wants to know if paranomral activity exists. The question persists because into most lives, at some point, something happens that cannot be explained in terms of what is currently known. More to the point, some of these experiences are supposedly not possible. So, the question is: does paranormal activity exist?

Possible Explanations for Paranormal Activity

Explaining Paranormal Activity.

There are several possibilities.

  1. Human beings easily experience things that are not happening. In other words, the products of their imaginations are so real that they cannot differentiate between imagination and reality. And in reality, nothing is happening out there.
  2. There is the possibility that something is being seen but that the spectrum of light that human eyes can observe is not sufficient to have a clear sight of what is being seen, or even heard. The same would hold true for sound. Dogs are able to hear far more than human beings.
  3. Human beings are seeing and hearing things clearly, and those things are exactly what they say they are, but because this cannot be confirmed by others, it is taken to be a figment of an overwrought imagination.

I’m going to discard the first and third for the following reasons.

The first one I’m going to discard because there are too many highly rational people who have had this kind of experience. They generally admit to not being able to identify what actually happened but are absolutely adamant that the experience was real. Does that mean that the experience was real because they insist that it was? Not at all. However, for the purposes of this article, I am going to assume that when so many people experience this there is no smoke without a fire.

I’m going to discard the third one precisely because it's possible that these experiences for reasons we do not understand are not experienced by many people simultaneously and so it's impossible to find evidence because it's always one person's word against another. That said, on two occasions, I had paranormal activity witnessed by someone else. That leaves us with the second – that paranormal activity is happening, but what is happening is unable to be measured by human senses.

Examples of Paranormal Activites

These fall into quite a wide spectrum and include foretelling the future, telepathy, seeing the dead and other ghosts, and poltergeist activity.

Foretelling the Future

To date, there is little documented evidence that anything like this has even happened. According to Wikipedai, in 1988 the US National Academy of Sciences stated that there was, “no scientific justification from research conducted over a period of 130 years for the existence of parapsychological phenomena.”

While fortune tellers, psychics, astrologers, mediums, and tarot card readers abound, many making between $80 to $200 per reading, the information and advice that they give to their clients is dubious. Much of it is simply telling customers what they want to hear. There are only a few topics that most people want to hear about: love, money, work, and health. With skillful questioning and the reading of body language and facial expression, it’s not difficult to make an accurate guess as to what the issues are.

Yet, there is just sufficient extraneous information given by the ‘good’ ones to question whether it is all a matter of skillful questioning, and the reading of body language and facial expression. More often that is explained by a matter of statistics, the fortuneteller will give a piece of information that only the customer could have known. It is these instances that keep this industry going. This leads to another possibility.


Until one has actually encountered someone who so clearly was aware of the thoughts of one’s mind, it is very easy to dispute this. Yet, if it is accepted that some have a capacity for ‘hearing’ the thoughts of others, many other things become explicable. For instance, if telepathy is possible, it then becomes easier to explain why some clairvoyants, psychics, and those of similar ilk, are able to provide clients with information that it was not possible for them to know.

For instance, mediums who supposedly speak to the dead may come up not only with the name of the departed but be able to tell what the person did for a living and tell of some previous incident. It’s possible, of course, that the medium is speaking to the dead, or even to some other entity invisible to our eyes. But it is also possible that in ways we are not yet able to determine, some are able to leach information from the minds of others.

Is this completely impossible?

Currently, paraplegics are able to control a mouse on a computer through electrodes on the brain. There is sufficient body electricity to send energy to the mouse to move it in the direction the paraplegic would allow it to go.

Is it not possible that some have an extreme sensitivity to the electricity that humans generate and that, far from being ‘just electricity’, there is some sort of language involved, and different frequencies demonstrate different meanings. Of course, it is a far fetched idea.

In the early 90s, as the result of a combination of factors in my life, I came into contact with three different people who had a somewhat damaging effect on my innate skepticism. One was a Muslim healer. Another was an African Shaman. And the third was a Russian gynecologist who had given up her practice in order to become a healer. All three were firmly convinced that they had guides or angels whom they could hear, and it was thus that they received their information.

The one thing I could not explain away for all three was their repeated ability to be able to tell exactly what I was thinking by responding to my thoughts and comments before I spoke. Believe it, it's disconcerting to be talking about one's love life and then to think to oneself, "I'm hungry," and the person you're speaking to says, "I've got a banana." When this happens repeatedly over a period of a year, it's no longer coincidence. 

What I find interesting, though, is that I was misinformed about some things (as we all are), and these thoughts would be picked up by the person I was speaking to. For instance, I would think to myself, "I wonder if I'll marry David" while speaking about another topic completely. Muktar or Irina would come back to me with, "Yes, you'll marry David." 

I would never even previously have mentioned the guy and I was talking about something completely different. No, I never married David but they definitely picked up my thought.

Incidentally, this kind of thing did not happen, say, in an hour long meeting where it could be attributed, to some extent, to a lucky coincidence. No, this happened for a duration of about eighteen months during which time I had extensive contact with these people.

Telepathy does exist
Telepathy does exist
Personal Experience of Telepathy

One day, dead tired, but having to drive Muktar (the Muslim healer) home, both of lost in our own thoughts, I realized I was hungry and wished I had brought a banana from home. Muktar turned to me and said, “If we stop at the café, we can get a banana.”

Another time, I had been thinking about what Muktar had said to me about his abilities. He had explained that he had more than a 100 guides and that he had never been lonely since they had been with him since his teen years. It occurred to me, then, that perhaps they weren’t guides. Perhaps, he just picked up the sound of our thoughts as voices. Somehow, that thought just made sense to me. I called him and said, “Hello, Muktar, how are you?” His response?

“Ah, you have become greater than me, now. You have worked it all out.”

I confess to having felt extremely foolish.

Muktar told me that he would die when he was 48. He didn’t. As far as I can tell, he passed at 46.

Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home: One of Rupert Sheldrakes outstanding books about telepathy.

Many people who have ever owned a pet will swear that their dog or cat or other animal has exhibited some kind of behavior they just can't explain. How does a dog know when its owner is coming home. Rupert Sheldrake postulates that it's telepathy.

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Dogs are Telepathic!
Dogs are Telepathic!

A Talk Given at Google About Telepathic Dogs

Witchdoctors and Shamans

Are Shamans Real?

My Shaman friend, Claude, was something of a shyster. I had gone through a period of about eighteen months in which I had eighteen car accidents, none of them my fault. It was the kind of thing where I’d come to a slow stop at a red light and someone would be coming up behind me and slam into my rear.

An agent from my insurance company called me and said that the circumstances were extremely suspicious as it was not statistically possible. I agreed with him and invited him to check. He replied that he already had.

Still, he was right. It wasn't statistically possible.

Also, there were other things in my life…

So, I went to somebody I knew and asked if she knew anyone that could help me. It was she who introduced me to Claude.

Claude was a Sangoma or witchdoctor from the Shangaan tribe. He rapidly told me that I had been cursed by a woman and told me he would stop it. Now, I don’t know whether it was coincidence or not, but no more car accidents after that. Still, that is not what was amazing about this man.

It was the feelings that I had over the next week that bewildered me to a point where I approached the friend who had told me about Claude.

You see, I’m not a particularly sexual person, and I can assure you that Claude would have been the last person on earth that I would have been attracted to (In fact, I found something extremely untrustworthy about the man). Yet, there were the strangest experiences I have ever had in my life.

I went to see Val, explaining to her that I had feelings of extreme lust about Claude which weren't normal for me, and I asked her if this man had that kind of power because I could not stop the images in my brain. She explained to me that while he had the power to do that, he would not do it because it was unethical.

The following Saturday, Claude was coming to bring me more ‘muti’ (medicine). When he walked in, he sat down on the floor and threw ‘the bones’. I was somewhat bewildered as this was not the norm, yet I intuitively knew what was coming. I knew that he was throwing the stones to check if I was ‘ready’.

Obviously, he liked what he saw because he immediately lunged for my breast holding it tight when he made contact with it.

I exploaded and asked him what he thought he was doing, and then, obviously, I asked him to leave.

At the door, he turned to me and said, “You are very powerful. You could have been one of us.”

And that is why I was permitted access to these three people. Muktar saw me as a healer - a very powerful one. Claude saw me as a Shaman - one able to do the kind of thing he did. And Irina, the ex-gynecologist? She, too, picked up my thoughts on the few occasions I saw her. But I never came as close to her as I did to Claude and Muktar.

These are all examples of personal experience with regard to telepathy. In my personal experience with Claude, I had picked up his thoughts.

A website from a South African Sangoma
Sangomas worship and respect their dead ancestors. They use vegetation (herbs) and body parts of animals (or humans) to effect cures. They are highly intutive and, even, telepathic. They also don't necessarily conform to science and can be wrong in many things. The difficulty is why they are right in things that science cannot figure.

The Sangoma is a traditional healer
Sangomas are shaman or traditional healers. They use herbs and animal (or human) parts as muti (medicine). For instance, if a man is lacking virility, he might be prescribed the testicles of a lion to eat. This will pass the strength of a lion to him. And it might just as well be the parts of him human enemy...

The African Sangoma is born with the ability of the Shaman

Read about Miriam Makeba's shamanic abilities
Sangoma: My Odyssey into the Spirit World of Africa

When James Hall was working in Africa with legendary singer Miriam Makeba, she perceived he had the rare gift to see both into the future & into people's souls. She urged Hall to consult a Sangoma, a traditional healer, who told him he was possessed

View on Amazon

Read about Sanomas
Read about Sanomas

Do Ghosts Exist?

Seeing the Dead and Ghosts

So many stories. So many claim to see them. I don’t know if they do. I can only share with you something that happened to me a long time ago and leave you to judge.

Somewhere in my seventeenth year, I woke up one night in my dormitory at boarding school and saw three black shapes next to my bed. Being deeply involved in psychology and somewhat of a skeptic, I thought it was merely my mind playing tricks on me.

Through the next few years, every now and then, I would see the same thing. I always put it down to my imagination. It persisted through and just after I turned twenty one, someone gave me Peter Blatty’s book, The Exorcist, to read. Something that was said in that book made me think that what I was seeing was not my imagination. I jumped out of my bed and ran to the room of a colleague (I was working in a hotel and the hotel supplied accommodation.) I was petrified.

Shortly after that, I moved countries and took two Toy Pomeranians dogs with me that my mother had given me (she bred dogs). One night, I woke up with my dogs barking hysterically and I looked to the direction they were barking, and there stood those three black shadows.

My flesh creeps as I write this, but that is what happened.

Interestingly enough, that was the last time I ever saw those apparitions.

The last I heard of them was one night in London nearly two decades later, my daughter and I were sharing a hotel room. I got out of bed to go get some water. My daughter wanted to know who was with me because she saw the form of a black shadow walking next to me.

I explained it all to her, then, but I could give her no more answers than I can give you. I have no explanations and no beliefs. That is simply the way it was.

So, let’s move on to poltergeist activity.

Poltergeist Activity
I remember at school a teacher discussing this with us. There was a theory at the time that it predominantly happened to adolescents. Scientists had established that while the child was sleeping, the child's energy seemed to be almost nonexistent and it was postulated that children with excessive energy were, in some way, were able to teleport that energy into objects and move those objects.


I cannot remember when I started hearing things in the kitchen. I suspect it was just after I bought my townhouse in Johannesburg, South Africa. I guess, pragmatic as I naturally am, I tried to believe that it was just the night sounds around me. Yet, it always sounded like there was pots and pans been thrown about in my kitchen. When I dared to creep out of bed to go and see, there was nothing there. The other thing I kept hearing was someone walking up and down my staircase. And, yes, as I write this, and I remember all those years, I get the creeps. It was a very scary time in my life.

At one point, I had a boyfriend. I told him that there were things walking up and down the stairs of my house at night. I don’t know if he believed me but I recall that one night he slept over and in the morning he asked me if I had been walking up and down all night because he kept hearing someone walking up and down the stairwell.

In any event, it was about this time that the insurance agent called me and that I subsequently hired Claude, the Sangoma (Shaman) to get rid of whatever it was. He did a good job to some degree. He told me it was the Tokoloshe walking up and down. I don’t know if that was true, and I certainly don’t want to sound crazy but I swear one night I saw him. Again, I get the creeps as I write this.

The Tokoloshe apparently taps his cane as he walks. And I heard that tap tap tap for years

Poltergeists exist...
Poltergeists exist...
The Poltergeist Phenomenon: An In-depth Investigation Into Floating Beds, Smashing Glass, and Oth...

Michael Clarkson has written six psychology books, including Intelligent Fear and The Secret Life of Glenn Gould, and has won many newspaper awards for investigative stories, including a Pulitzer Prize nomination for a rendezvous with reclusive autho

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The Ghosts Return... The Most Terrifying Night I have EVER Experienced!

Poltergeist activity

There came a time when I sold that home and moved. I hoped that the peace that I had gained after Claude had done his magic would not disappear. But it did. The racket in my kitchen became louder every night, and I would lie in my bed terrified but too scared to say anything about it.

It was this set of incidents that eventually led me to begin to investigate the paranormal.

One night as I was lying there praying, it came to me that the reason I had this activity in my life was that my energy was of a particular type and that was highly desirable to others of a more intangible solidity than ourselves. I don’t know whether it was my imagination or not, or whether I was going mad, but the thought stuck.

I called the Spiritualist Church and asked them if they had an exorcist. They told me that they did, indeed, and referred me to a man named Michael De Kock. I think that was his name. I can’t quite remember.

I left a message for him on his answering machine to the effect that I had been referred to him and I needed some assistance on an unusual matter. When he returned my call, I wanted to tell him the issue. He told me to keep quiet. I did. He then told me what was happening. He described it exactly.

Once more I had run into that strange telepathic power.

In any event, he told me that in an hour I would feel a great sense of peace and that something heavy would lift from me, and that would be it.

Oh, yes.

Well, no.

I never felt that peace and that night was the most terrifying night of my life. I would never wish it on anybody.

There were bricks being thrown on to the roof of my bedroom. The poltergeist activity was intense. Was it in my mind? I don’t know. I don’t think so. But I could never swear to anything. How can one prove what is not repeatable? If you told me it was all my imagination, I would have my doubts but I would never argue with you.

In any event, in the morning, I called Michael and explained to him what had happened. He said, “That’s strange. They usually go. Is it okay if I tell the good ones to go to?”

“Are there good ones?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“Yes,” I replied.

An hour later, I felt an intense peace and that was the end of the poltergeist activity in my life.

One strange outcome did come about as a result of that experience. I have found a great sensitivity to the presence of ‘something else’. I have learned to throw love at it and that makes it go away.

Poll I took
Poll I took
Paranormal activity
Paranormal activity
The Paranormal Caught On Film

The Paranormal Caught on Film is a mysterious and mesmerizing collection of photographs depicting ghosts and other extraordinary phenomena from around the world. Dr. Melvyn Willin is archive officer for the Society of Psychical Research (SPR).

View on Amazon

Does Paranormal Activity Proove that God Exists?

Does Paranormal Activity Exist?

So does the paranormal exist? I don’t know. I think there’s a lot we don’t know. I think it’s very difficult to give names to things that we cannot exactly describe or see or measure. And if paranormal activity does exist, does it prove the existence of God? I don't think so.

For myself, I steer away from anything like that. I don’t see horror movies. I try to improve myself on a daily basis because, in some deep part of me, I feel I was to some extent protected from these things because I always took the high road.

Strangely, at this point of my life, I have no belief in God. That does not mean that I do not believe that there is an Intelligent life force out there. I just don’t believe that the Life Force has a personal interest in human beings.Nor do I believe our lives to be of particular significance. And while that may be a scary thing to have to face, I’ve seen scarier. 

What does paranormal activity to do with god?

The major reason people are interested in paranormal activity is that they assume it has something to do with God.

Yet, in a sense, no activity is paranormal. It is just outside our current levels of understanding as to what is actually happening.

I have no doubt that paranormal activity exists - to the extent that it is outside the capacity of our five senses. I would, however, dispute heavily that it is anything more than natural forces, i.e. part of the natural universe, that our eyes, ears, brains, etc. are not able to measure. Paranormal activity has as much and as little to do with the existence of God as anything else.

Updated: 12/31/2012, TessaSchlesinger
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I read an article about elephants at the Sheldrick wildlife trust in Africa. The released elephants always come back to the compound just before a new baby arrives. That gave me goosebumps.Great article

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Thanks. I've just decided to blocik the jerk on G+. You know you can explain something and then they ignore the explanation and come at you from another angle. I am a skeptic. it took me years to believe that what I was seeing actually had validity, especially when some of it was witnessed by others.

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