Does Sunblock Cause Skin Cancer?

by Suzylnn

Interesting research regarding sunblock you may want to know.

When the Missouri University of Science and Technology looked into what happens to sunscreen when it is exposed to light, they discovered that zinc oxide undergoes a chemical reaction that releases free radicals, and these free radicals bond with molecules, damaging cells actually increasing the risk of skin cancer. This is some serious information.
In the Journal of Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, the research suggests that the harmful effects of the free radicals increases the longer zinc oxide is exposed to the sun. After 3 hours of UV exposure, half of the lung cells covered in zinc oxide solution died. After about 12 hours, that increased to a shocking 90 %.

I told my kids to stop wearing sunscreen back in the early eighties. I told them to wait a few years and watch what happens because the ingredients had changed, and they were using skin cancer to promote their products. Always a red flag!why? I grew up in Southern Cali, hung out all summer on Hermosa beach, spent weekends in the hot sun on the Colorado river, and all we used was Coppertone Suntan Oil. No one had skin cancer. We never talked about that in school or was worried about it, it was never a subject. I became suspicious of the sunscreen after awhile, and all the hype about skin cancer was out and people were using sunscreen that never used it before.

All this information that has came out today has made very glad I stopped using sunscreen and quit putting it on my kid's so long ago. You have to decide for yourself what you wanna do. There is a lot of controversy about this. There always is when money is involved! I saw the difference myself. I listen to the research that makes sense with what I have experienced in my life, and know to be fact. There will always be someone out there to refute what you say no matter what it is.
I Have used organic coconut oil for years. It actually helps prevent burning and protects your skin, in fact they use put coconut oil in suntan oils back in the 70's.
Keep these six things in mind before you spend your money on sunscreen:

#1. No federal regulations
#2. Sunscreens damage the environment
#3 .Linked to cancer acceleration
#4. Sunscreen lets through cancer-causing UVA rays
#5 .Misleading SPF claims: studies show that SPFs higher than 50 do not offer any more protection- so it's a money making deal!
#6. Environment: "water-proof" sunscreens wash off swimmers into the oceans and damage aquatic life, especially the coral reefs.

Is this s good Idea?
Is this s good Idea?


Updated: 07/10/2012, Suzylnn
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Tolovaj on 07/16/2012

Sunscreens are really controversial subject. In many aspects we can find similarities with tobacco industry and critical mindset is more than welcome when we are dealing with any kind of chemicals on our bodies. Staying out of sun rays still sounds like safest idea.
Thanks for heads up on this on!

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