Cute Dog Handbags

by sheilamarie

Adorable dog handbags for girls are great gifts for a young dog lover you know! Purses & handbags are fun accessories, and these loveable dog purses will be a welcome companion.

These handbags and purses for girls are so cute! Any girl who loves dogs and puppies will love carrying her personal items around in a purse that is as much a loveable stuffed animal as a handbag.

What a perfect gift for a little girl!

But you don't have to be little to love this handbag -- teens would love some of these unique and fun handbags, too.

There's a Special Furry Friend Just Waiting to Be Loved by a Special Little Girl!

Girls love to use purses and handbags just like Mommy. But if they can have one shaped and furry like a stuffed animal, they'll be over the top!

Any of these dog handbags could become your little girl's favorite, but the qualities of each one endear them to a girl in a different way. Look at their faces and determine which one will enter the heart of your dear one.

I have two young granddaughters who would love to have a pet dog, but because of allergies and other obstacles, they cannot have a dog right now. Since discovering these dog handbags, I have been contemplating whether this would be a temporary solution to meet their desires. I know they would love them as they cannot have too many stuffed animals to play with. 

Come examine the options with me. You see, I'd have to choose two different but equally cute dog purses for these special girls in my life. Maybe you have a similar challenge. Any of these dogs would make them happy, but which one would they actually like the best?

The Pug is the first one to sniff around on this page. Here he is, ready to carry your child's hanky and coins. His face is filled with personality, don't you agree?

Eva Pug by Furry Couture

Pug Pooch

This Eva Pug by Furry Couture wears her trendy coat and pink fur scarf and bow with flair. Stylish white fur with contrasting black face and ears. I think she needs lots of petting, don't you?

I wouldn't worry about the safety of my cash in her care. She might nip anyone trying to fish through this hand bag.

What About This Stylish Gal?

Eva Pug by Furry Couture
Furry Couture Eva Pug 11" by Douglas Cuddle Toys

Yorkie Pooch Purse

Loveable Handbag

This Yorkie handbag is a cute one. With his sweet expression, he looks ready to be loved and petted. 

Wearing his sweater and bow in leopard pattern, this little fellow is a fashionista!

This puppy in brown and beige will quickly warm its owner's heart. He's the one I chose for the intro photo at the top of the page.

Yorkie Bag

For Little Girls Who Love Puppies
Furry Couture Elle Yorkie 11" by Douglas Cuddle Toys

Westie Bag

by Douglas Cuddle Toys
Duchess Westie Furry Couture 11"

From Fuzzy Nation

Only a Sample of What's Available

The Rose is a Rose dog purse on this page is a sample of the 30 different breeds available from Fuzzy Nation. For some reason Amazon has stopped carrying many of the breeds, so I've decided to include a link to eBay so you can find some others if you should so desire. Each pooch purse has ample room to hold a cell phone, change, or whatever else your little girl or teen desires to carry along.

The purses are 12-14 inches long and make a fashionable accessory for a girl who loves animals. Each dog has a bone collar and a paw designed with little crystal inserts. The legs can be posed, so he is ready to play as well as carry on his important job of serving to carry around your little one's belongings. The purse closes with a zipper and is lined with pretty silk fabric. It has a strap made of a leatherette material which can be adapted to fit girls of various heights and sizes.

Well made and sure to please, these dog handbags will be sure to bring a smile.

Fuzzy Nation on eBay

Fuzzy Nation Chihuahua Dog Faux Fur Lined Tote Shoulder Bag P...

Time left: 1 day, 22 hours
Current bid: $9.99  Place bid

Fuzzy Nation Yorkshire Terrier Purse Novelty Bag for Dog Love...

Time left: 3 weeks, 5 days
Current bid: $80.11  Place bid

Fuzzy Nation NWT's PUG Dog Wristlet. Zipper Dog Bone And Fuzzy...

Time left: 1 day, 19 hours
Current bid: $7.99  Place bid

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Marie on 08/18/2012

Adorable! I love the King Charles Cavalier bags as that's my favorite dog breed.

sheilamarie on 07/09/2012

I think so, too, Brenda. They look very soft and would be fun to carry around.

BrendaReeves on 07/09/2012

I love dog anything. These are really cute.

sheilamarie on 06/18/2012

Thanks, Katie. I still say "Aw!" every time I look at them.

katiem2 on 06/18/2012

How cute, my daughters will have an Awe fest once they see these cute dog handbags.... Very nice

sheilamarie on 06/17/2012

They actually have 30 different breeds of dogs in this line of handbags. What other kind of dog do you have? If it's a purebred, maybe they have that kind, too. If anyone wants to check what other breeds are available, you can click on one of the handbags above to get to the amazon website and then scroll down to see some of what they have. They are all cute!

ThePartyAnimal on 06/17/2012

OH my those are absolutely adorable - my daughter would go nuts for one. One of my dogs is a Chinese Crested Mix - fun to see they have one.

sheilamarie on 06/11/2012

I'll bet lots of teens would love these dog purses, but don't let her see that I mentioned they were for "a little girl." She might get insulted. I think they're great for some teens, too.

JuliannaEvans on 06/10/2012

These purses are adorable! I will have to drop the question to my 15-year old niece. She always likes handbags that are unique and ones that nobody has to carry with them. Mmmm.. I will be back to check this out again. :)

sheilamarie on 06/10/2012

That's my favorite dog handbag, too, though the breed is one I hadn't heard of. I'd love to see one in the flesh!

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