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Who is Draculaura? Find images, games & more for Monster High's Draculaura.

Draculaura is one of the first Monster High creations. She is the daughter of the vampire Count Dracula. According to her profile she is 1,599 years old. Unlike other vampires Draculaura is a vegan; which means she does not drink blood or eat anything fleshy. In fact, Draculaura has a fear of blood and cannot stand to have the word even uttered in her presence.

This vampire cannot be out in the sun and has black hair with beautiful pink streaks. She splashes some pink into her black wardrobe. She has a pink heart on her cheeks and aloso has fangs. She has a bubbly personality and is one of the sweetest ghouls you will ever meet.

Meet Draculaura

The Monster High Vamp

This Monster High student loves creative writing because she enjoys telling stories about her friends.  At her age she has been everywhere twice so she does not find geography appealing.

This ghoul live in a manion with her father on the same street as Holt Hyde. Her bestfriends are Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein.

It is hard for Draculaura to get ready in the morning.  She had no way to tell if her clothes look right or if she got lipstick on her teeth because she is unable to see her own reflection in the mirror; though she has had some time to get used to this and compensate for it.

Draculaura loves her father but wishes that he would be less traditional; especially, when it comes to the school clothes he would like her to wear.  Dracula wishes that she would take on a more traditional role as a vampire which includes going out in the evening and drinking blood.

Draculaura Pictures and Images

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Interesting Tidbits About Draculaura

More about her character
  • Her father adopted her, and took her and her mother in.
  • She is a member of the fearleading squad.
  • She works at the Monster High paper.
  • She wears hearts on all her outfits.  
  • She is the shortest main character.
  • She does not know how to change into a bat.

Draculaura Dolls

See her many looks
Monster High Draculaura Doll

Monster High Doll Draculaura with Count Fabulous Pet Bat Draculaura, is one of the coolest ghouls in school with her trendy fashions, accessories and scary cute pet bat. And ...

Only $21.99
Monster High Classrooms Draculaura Doll

Monster High Classroom Draculaura DollMeet the coolest children of some of history's most infamously famous Monsters in the Monster High Classroom Doll Collection. The ...

Only $15.99
Monster High Gloom Beach Draculaura Doll

Get ready for ghoulish fun at Gloom Beach! Draculaura loves ruffles and pinkso of course she has a bathing suit with both! Sunscreen, tooSPF 500! Includes doll, beach outfit, ...

$19.99  $9.95
Monster High Dead Tired Draculaura Doll

Monster High Dead Tired Draculaura Doll Meet the coolest children of some of history's most infamously famous Monsters in the Monster High Dead Tired Doll Collection. ...

$15.99  $12.25
Monster High Friends Plush Draculaura Doll

These scarily delightful plush versions of the most popular students at Monster High come with their favorite outfit and scary cool pet. Doll stands approximately 9 inches ...

Only $16.99
Monster High Draculaura And Clawd Wolf Doll Giftset

Monster High Draculaura and Clawd Wolf Doll Gift SetMeet the hottest new couple at Monster High since Cleo De Nile and Deuce Gorgon. Girls' crushes are scarily fickle, so ...

Only $29.99

Count Fabulous

A Ghoul's Bat Friend


Count Fabulous is Draculaura's 1006 year old pet black bat. Though Count Fabulous is a male bat he is often dressed in pink girls clothes much to the Count's dismay. Unlike his owner he is not a vegan. He likes to eat moths and mosquitoes. His best friend are Wazit and Cresent (pets of other Monster High students).




Fun and Games with Draculaura

Monster High Vampire Fun

Draculaura Dress Up Game on Star Doll
Dress Up everyone's favorite vampire from Monster High on Star Doll.

Draculaura Dress Up Game by Star Sue
Dress Draculaura up in many different outfits and accessories

How to Draw Draculaura
Step by Step Tutorial teaches you how to draw this Monster High cutie.

How to Draw Draculaura from Monster High
Step by step instruction on how to create the beautiful Monster High vampire Draculaura.

Scary Sun
Help Draculaura avoid the sun at Gloom Beach in this game from the Monster High Official website.

Clawd Wolf

Romantic Interest

Clawd, older brother to Clawdeen, is a werewolf who comes from a large family.  

He dated Cleo de Nile before she started going with Deuce Gorgon.

He is currently dating Draculaura who had a previous crushes on Holt Hyde and Heath Burns.

Clawd is seventeen years old, physically fits, on several sports teams, and very outgoing. He cares for Draculaura but he needs to remember not to eat garlic around her.

Halloween Costumes for Draculaura

Monster High Dress Up
Rubies Monster High Draculaura Girls Wig

The Draculaura Wig will make your Monster High fan scream! The girly headpiece is dark brown and streaked with vibrant pink to match the preppy vest of the Draculaura costume.

$14.99  $9.99
Monster High Draculaura Costume

The Kids Draculaura Costume will transform your little girl into Draculaura from Monster High! She'll be a little fashionista in the lacy shirt with its attached pink vest and ...

Only $27.99
Draculaura Makeup Kit

$7.99  $2.95

Members of the Monster High Student Body

Beyond Draculaura
Who is Cleo de Nile from Monster High? Find images, video, and games for Cleo de Nile.
Frankie Stein is the daughter of Frankenstein's monster, a Monster High character, a doll and a web star.
Abbey Bominable Monster High bio, video and more.
Who is Ghoulia Yelps?
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Any thoughts on Draculaura?

Faith Obra on 11/24/2012

We hve the same characteristics we are both bubbly.We both love pink and black too.We are the same that we are sweet.She is so Fantabulos and Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.She's my ifol and fashon icon.Im her #1 fan!.Go Lau D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maura on 11/11/2011

She is my fashion icon. I am exactly like her (even before I started to watch monster high) and she is so fantabulous! I love her makeup and clothes, they are to die for! So yes, she is my favorite.

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