Easy Beef Stroganoff

by AJ

A fast easy Beef Stroganoff Recipe that can be adapted into Mushroom Stroganoff for vegetarians

I have been making this Beef Stroganoff recipe for years and it is especially good for Dinner Parties, because the raw ingredients can be prepared in advance and kept in the cooler until you need them.

You only need two pans, so washing up (or loading the dish washer) is not going to take long and best of all, if you are catering for both vegetarians and meat eaters, you can adapt the dish to make a serving of meatless Mushroom Stroganoff.

And if you serve the recipe with rice, it is easy to cook at the same time and just keep it warm until the main dish is finished.


Equipment Needed to make Easy Beef Stroganoff

I prefer stainless steel cooking equipment & environmentally friendly bamboo

1 large fry pan

1 large saucepan

2 chopping boards

Sharp knives for chopping and slicing vegetables and meat

Large colander for draining and rinsing rice

Slotted spoon

Spatula for cooking and turning the veg and meat

2 serving dishes


Food Hygiene Tips

Always use separate chopping boards and knives for preparing vegetables and meat

When reheating food, make sure it is piping hot before serving

Ingredients for Beef Stroganoff

Serves 4, but easy to adapt for more

1 lb, good quality beef steak

2 medium green peppers

1 large onion

8 oz mushrooms

6 oz of double/full fat cream (single/half fat if you prefer)

4oz butter

Parsley (optional, but gives a lovely finish)

Fresh ground salt and pepper

8oz long grain rice (or replace with noodles if you prefer)

Ingredients for Beef Stroganoff

Very quick to prepare
Ingredients for Beef Stroganoff
Ingredients for Beef Stroganoff

Preparing the Beef Stroganoff Ingredients

Preparation time: 10 -15 minutes

Trim all the fat off the meat and slice into strips approx 1 inch long and half an inch wide

Deseed the green peppers and cut into chunks

Slice the onion, but dont make slices too thin, slightly chunky is best

Wipe and slice the mushrooms - add more if you like them and allow even more if adapting for vegetarians

Chop the parsley roughly - you don't want it too fine

Method for Cooking Beef Stroganoff

Cooking time 15 - 20 minutes

Add 1 oz of butter to the fry pan and gently melt until bubbling - be careful it does not burn

Add the onions and peppers and fry until partly cooked - keep them "al dente", you do not want them to get soggy

Add 2 oz of butter and cook the mushrooms until just cooked

Remove all the vegetables from the pan with a slotted spoon, keep to one side, leaving the juices behind. Discard the juice

Melt 1 oz of butter in the pan

Fry the beef, a few pieces at a time until just cooked. Put to one side. Do not fry all the beef at the same time or it will take longer to cook, lose its tenderness and go "leathery"

When all the beef is cooked, add it all back into the pan

If more juice has appeared in the cooked vegetables, drain it off and add the veg back into the pan with the cooked beef and heat through

(Note: at this stage, if you are cooking for a vegetarian, you would heat the vegetables separately)

More juice may be produced as everything heats up, drain it off

Add the cream

Season to taste, but go easy on the salt!

Heat through until the cream is just beginning to bubble

Serve with boiled rice (or noodles) and sprinkle with parsley before serving



Cooking Beef Stroganoff

Cook in the same pan
Cooking Beef Stroganoff
Cooking Beef Stroganoff
Serving Beef Stroganoff
Serving Beef Stroganoff

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JoyfulPamela on 05/29/2011

Mmmm ... : )

RhondaAlbom on 05/27/2011

This beef stoganoff actually sounds easy. I always thought it was much more complicated than this. Thanks :)

Dianne on 05/27/2011

Your beef stroganoff sounds wonderful!

nightbear on 05/26/2011

Nice recipe and I liked how you laid it out here. thanks.

bev-owens on 05/26/2011

Love beef stroganoff and this does look easy to make.

poddys on 05/26/2011

Sounds good and tasty.

chefkeem on 05/26/2011

Omit the single/half fat cream option. Let's live it up before we die.

SquidRich on 05/26/2011

This sounds like something even I can prepare!

mandeesears on 05/26/2011

Love beef stroganoff!

Jimmie on 05/26/2011

A comfort food in my book! Might have to change dinner plans.

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