Eliminate Blurry Photographs

by BrendaReeves

Avoiding blurry images is a skill that comes with practice. It's also the first skill a beginning photographer should learn. Nothing is more frustrating than loading

Eliminating blurry images in photography takes practice holding the camera still, but sometimes it requires a little help from special equipment. A tripod will guarantee a steady camera if set up properly. Make sure the tripod legs are on solid ground. This might be a table, or it might be a grassy or dirt filled area. Regardless of what it is, it has to be secured solidly. Also make sure the camera is secured tightly on the tripod. If there are telescoping legs on the tripod, make sure these are locked into place.

Camera Shake

A shaking hand is the most common reason for blurry images. The photographer isn't always going to have a tripod at her disposal. This is where good camera hand-holding techniques are essential. Practice supporting the camera with both hands, and make sure the fingers aren't covering the lens on front of the camera.

Use Your Body as a Tripod

When photographs, keep the elbows tucked in at the upper body. Legs should be apart and feet firmly planted. This solves camera shake for many photographers. If it doesn't, get creative. Use stable objects as a tripod. This might be a fence, fence post, table, large rock, or the car. A vertical surface can also be used. For instance, press the camera against the side of a wall while taking the picture.

Don't Rush it May Solve Camera Shake

When the photographer rushes to get that special shot, chances are it will result in a blurry image. It would probably be best to relax and steady the camera first. If the photographer can't do this, it might be best to let the shot go. Then again, there's nothing to lose in trying. Luck could be on the photographers side.


Practice with the Shutter Release button

Pressing the shutter release might be what is causing camera shake. Try these techniques:

  • Hold the camera as normal
  • Place your index finger on the shutter release button
  • Slowly start applying pressure to the shutter release button. Take several seconds to do this, trying to press as slowly as you can.
  • Practice this several times and start increasing the speed that the button is pressed. It should be a gentle pressure rather than a strong jerk.

Take the time to practice these techniques and never experience blurry images in photography again. The goal of every photographer is sharp images. This takes practice, patience, and determination. All serious photographers should have mastered these techniques before going on a picture taking adventure.

Updated: 11/20/2012, BrendaReeves
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BrendaReeves on 01/27/2013

Thanks for the comment, Hollie. I hate reading directions too. lol!

HollieT on 01/27/2013

This article has been really helpful. I've had my new camera for 12 months and I've never actually sat down and worked out what it's capable of; I never seem to have the time but I know that it's something I must do if I want to improve my skills in photography. And also, thanks to Sheri's comment, I now know what the square is for. :)

BrendaReeves on 11/21/2012

Thank you Sheri. I need to be mindful of these tips myself.

Sheri_Oz on 11/21/2012

You are so right about this, Brenda. Unlike Katie, I'm not worried these days about wasting pictures given that the digital memory disc holds so much. However, I hate getting ANY blurry photos. I am learning to use the green square that appears when I press slowly, as you suggest, that shows that that particular object is in focus. Like with everything else, practise, practise, practise.

BrendaReeves on 11/21/2012

I'm the Queen of blurry photos, but I'm getting better. Thanks for the comment, Katie.

katiem2 on 11/21/2012

Good to know, everytime I take a blurry picture I think slow down and stop wasting pictures or snap shots... now I know. Thanks :)K

BrendaReeves on 11/20/2012

Thank you very much, Mira.

Mira on 11/20/2012

Love your tips, your cat, and the books you picked :) Congrats on your 100th!!

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