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by frugalrvers

Elisabeth Kubler Ross books are plentiful. Many immediately think of Kubler Ross and her stages of dying and grief. But her life after death stories are also fantastic to read...

I was first introduced to Elisabeth Kubler Ross when getting my Bachelor's degree. "On Death and Dying" was a required read in my field, and introduced me to the five stages of grief that are so popular today.

I hadn't thought much about her since that time, until dealing with my own grief this year. But it wasn't her grieving books I turned to after I lost my mother, it was her amazing books about near death experiences that grabbed my attention. Not only did I find the content hard to put down, I enjoyed listening to her speak and would have given anything to have her sitting at my kitchen table - I had so many questions to ask!

Kubler Ross Stages of Dying So Prevalent Today

We All Know Elizabeth Kubler Ross Stages Of Grief, Don't We?

The Kubler Ross stages of dying - it is hard to meet anyone who doesn't know about them. In no particular order, when dealing with grief or recognition that our time on earth is ending, we are told that we can experience denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. But Elisabeth acknowledged that there is no set pattern, order or time period - grief is a unique experience to everyone - and there is no guarantee every individual would experience every stage.

Turn to present day society, and we hear these five stages attached to any sense of loss. Her stages are referred to everywhere you turn. Death needn't be required - it can be the loss of divorce, a job, our car keys (just kidding) or anything else you can imagine. Even the young know about the Kubler Ross Model of grief - but they don't know Elisabeth's name or where the stages came from.

Elizabeth Kubler Ross Stages Of Grief Books

These Are Just SOME Kubler Ross Stages Of Death And Dying Books
On Death and Dying (Scribner Classics)
$25.00  $15.60
On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief Throu...
$16.00  $7.99

Elisabeth Kubler Ross 5 Stages of Grief Defined

Kubler Ross Model, Wikipedia
Learn about her 5 stages of grief model HERE

Kubler Ross Stages Of Death Aren't All That She Taught Us

Changing The Way People Viewed And Treated Death

As with anyone who doesn't follow the herd, Ross took quite the beating throughout her life by holding up a mirror to society, as well as medical professionals, and showing how shameful it was that we treat death as taboo.

She showed that doctors, once they know a patient is terminally ill, would actually visit a patient less (at a time patients needed support the most). She exposed the reality that we used to die at home, surrounded by loved ones, and that death was a miraculous journey - but now we separate the dying from their families, forcing them to die in hospitals alone. She promoted showing loved ones how to be supportive to their dying relatives, even children, instead of avoiding discussion of the topic or not allowing peace by saying things such as "don't you let go" and "you hang on" and "don't you leave me."

When I experienced tremendous loss this year, I cannot tell you how much comfort her books brought to me. She manages to show how beautiful life and death can be - and shares how throughout history death was a miraculous event...not one with the sterile environment of a noisy hospital where the dying have little say or control over their death.

You don't have to have lost someone recently to find amazing solace in her openness surrounding the topic of dying. Her books are absolutely the best - even when grief and loss haven't visited in awhile.

Books By Elisabeth Kubler Ross On Dying

The Wheel of Life: A Memoir of Living and Dying

On Life and Living Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D., is the woman who has transformed the way the world thinks about death and dying. Beginning with the groundbreaking publication of...

$16.00  $3.84

View on Amazon

Death: The Final Stage of Growth

Ours is a death-denying society. But death is inevitable, and we must face the question of how to deal with it. Coming to terms with our own finiteness helps us discover life's ...

$16.00  $8.94

View on Amazon

To Live Until We Say Good Bye

Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, whose books on death and dying have sold in the millions, now offers an extraordinary visual record of her work. Through the brilliant photographs of ...

Only $20.00

View on Amazon

Living with Death and Dying

In this compassionate and moving guide to communicating with the terminally ill, Dr. Elisabeth Küebler-Ross, the world's foremost expert on death and dying, shares her tools for...

$14.00  $6.94

View on Amazon

On Children and Death: How Children and Their Parents Can and Do Cope With Death

On Children and Death is a major addition to the classic works of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, whose On Death and Dying and Living with Death and Dying have been continuing sources of...

$16.00  $8.69

View on Amazon

Near Death Experiences Stories - Kubler Ross And Life After Death

Is There Any Life After Death

Spending her life at the bedsides of those who were terminally ill, including watching them take their last breaths, gave Elisabeth Kubler Ross insight not only in the dying and grieving process, but the amazing stories and experiences that commonly occurred at the point of death.

Whether children or adults, many of them had similar experiences when they were dying. They knew it was time, they often saw relatives, many had near death experiences or out of body experiences...again, no matter the age, illness, cultural or religious upbringing, there were similarities to important to ignore. Kubler Ross also brings history back into the dying process, to show that what we now try to term "hallucinating" or "crazy" was actually commonplace during death before these modern times.

It is now that we stifle death, are uncomfortable discussing it, believe we have it all figured out. Kubler Ross, I believe, can open even the most tightly closed mind. For the record, I am not one who is a big fan of organized religion, but I am 200% more spiritual than I've ever been after reading her beautifully explained viewpoints on life, death and beyond.

My Favorite Elizabeth Kubler Ross Books On Life After Death

No Matter Your Religion, These Experiences Will Lift You Up
Is There Life after Death?

In 1969, Dr. Elisabeth K?bler-Ross changed the way we think about the fi nal stage of our lives with her revolutionary book, On Death and Dying. Now, in this landmark recording,...

$19.95  $2.99

View on Amazon

On Life after Death, revised

In this collection of inspirational essays, internationally known author Dr. Elisabeth K?Ǭ?bler-Ross draws on her in-depth research of more than 20,000 people who had near-deat...

$11.99  $6.00

View on Amazon

Tunnel and the Light: Essential Insights on Living and Dying

This is an engaging introduction to the beliefs, work, and life of psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, who "declared war on the denial of death in America" (New York Times). Bas...

$15.99  $8.70

View on Amazon

There Are Many More Books By Elisabeth Kubler Ross

The books I've presented here are by no means all of the wonderful books she wrote throughout her lifetime. But they are a wonderful starting point to get you on your way to discovering the beauty in her words.

I am a cautious skeptic, sometimes to annoying degrees, yet I allowed Elisabeth Kubler Ross to take me down a path I would have refused to walk years ago. She had a lifetime that revolved around not only witnessing death first hand, an experience many who write about death lack, but also as a relentless advocate for the rights of dying patients and their families.

Death is a part of life - not something to avoid - and those dying need us to be able to speak freely and openly as they make the transition. I've learned so much in just a handful of her books that I cannot imagine where I will be when I've read them all.

I honestly cannot recommend enough that you do the same!

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Elisabeth Kubler Ross Biography On Wikipedia

A Great List Of Her Books, Too!

For a nice biography on Elisabeth in addition to a comprehensive list of all of her books (there are many!), click HERE

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frugalrvers on 06/28/2012

Thank you for your comment, Brenda! Would you mind, perhaps, sharing some of your favorites for those who don't know where to begin (her list of books is huge, as you know). I loved On Life After Death and The Tunnel And The Light...I can't remember ever reading books so quickly...they flow smoothly and make perfect sense.

BrendaReeves on 06/28/2012

I have read every one of her books. I suggest them to anyone who is struggling with mourning or fear of dying. Thank you for writing this frugal.

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