Final Thoughts From the Pretty Little Liars Episode "Don't Look Now"

by StevenHelmer

Thoughts from the season 6 television episode that first aired June 23, 2015.

Synopsis: The girls learn the mysterious Charles is Alison's (Sasha Pieterse) brother, who was institutionalized at Radley Sanitarium after trying to kill his younger sister when she was a baby. However, A's identity comes into question when they are told Charles killed himself and was cremated, forcing the PLLs to confirm whether he is really dead.

My Thoughts

1. I'm going to take a moment and assume Alison's dad (Jim Abele) is telling the truth for a change and Charles really is dead. This would, in all honesty, clarify quite a few things. For example, as I've mentioned in the past, while Charles' obsession with Alison made some sense, his hatred for her friends didn't since he would never have had a reason to have a beef with them. However, if it's someone just using his name (for unknown reasons), then it's more likely they did interact with that person and did something to hurt them to the point they wanted revenge.

2. Again, assuming Charles really is dead, I think Mona (Janel Parrish) moves back into the top suspect seat. She's had her own mental health issues and has been in Radley. Even if she didn't meet Charles directly, she might have learned about him, assumed his identity and staged her abduction as a way of getting revenge. This would have been relatively easy to pull off considering she kept the PLL's separated while in the Dollhouse and could easily have been pulling the strings (it would also explain how Charles disappeared so quickly). Plus, it's not like we've been able to keep tabs on her since their rescue. She may be out of town with her mom. Or, she could still be manipulating the girls.

3. Of course, for this theory to hold water, Mona would need an accomplice. And, once again, Sara (Dre Davis) starts looking a bit suspicious. She could have been held against her will. Or, she could have been Mona's helper this whole time. 

4. My theory aside, I do still think they should, ultimately, dig up that grave and confirm Charles is inside of it. As Hanna (Ashley Benson) pointed out, they've been fooled by fake graves before and, despite Jason's (Drew Van Acker) observations about it being an older grave, they are still assuming there's a body in it.

5. Of course, that being said, I do think Hanna should have had a little more sensitivity when broaching the subject. I know she (and the others) have suffered trauma at the hands of A and I suspect the main reason Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) is smothering her is because he doesn't want her to hurt herself. But, it was Jason and Alison's brother she was talking about and should still have had some restraint.

6. One person that seems to be forgotten this season is Bethany Young. She, too, was a Radley inmate and had some sort of connection with Jessica DiLaurentis (Andrea Parker). She, in my opinion, is the key to all of this. If they discover her secret, I think they will blow this whole thing wide open.

7. On the subject of unsolved murders, Jessica's murderer is still on the loose too. And, assuming he/she is the same person who killed Bethany, then it only makes the connection between the two (and Charles) important.

8. One thing that was never clarified was who, exactly, Jessica was trying to hide inside their aunt's house. Jason assumed she just didn't want him seeing a grave. But, with Charles (presumably) being buried outside, that theory simply doesn't explain why he wasn't allowed inside the house. Either Charles isn't really dead or there's a fourth person connected to him, Jessica and Bethany.

Final Opinion

This was an intriguing episode because we learn more about their primary suspect only to find out he (at least if the stories are true) couldn't have done it, leaving them at square one again because, at this point, the mysterious A could be just about anyone.

My Grade: A

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