How to Find Peace and Be at Peace

by katiem2

Peace is the guide to what life has in store for us, using peace as a guide to the right path is simple once you understand peace and understand the value it holds in your life.

Peace is the sleeping giant of our existence being the most vital key to prosperity and happiness in all areas of life. No one can live life to their full potential without peace. The easiest way to know if you are living with peace is to become aware of its absence.

I like to define Peace as this - Peace is a state of knowing with intense desire and joy this is what I want, its right for me!

THE LACK OF PEACE - The lack of peace is that nagging feeling of doubt and uncertainty that we have conditioned ourselves to ignore.

How to Find Peace

Doubt is an amazing gift it clearly defines for you what it is you should avoid, if you have doubt don't do it, be it or let it in your life.

Living in Doubt - Doubt is Good

Although there are times when this lack of peace or doubt keeps us up at night doubt is your friend and leaves the minute you take heed of its warning.

Doubt creates fear which keeps us from moving toward our happiness and peace which would otherwise be an easy path.  

Doubt is the director of your life tapping on your shoulder telling you no no don't take that route.

THE KEY TO PEACE - Peace is easy, effortless and very natural because it is our true destiny to succeed and be joyful. The most scary thing of all is a life without peace.


How to Stay at Peace

Once you find peace the key is learning how to follow peace and stay at peace.

How to Follow Peace - If it feels good and right for you go for it, just do it. If you have doubt you know this is not for you.  Embrace doubt, respect it, react to it and you will be peaceful once again.

Having trouble saying no? Do you find yourself getting stuck doing things you really don't want? Learn the simple fool proof way to say no.

Find Your Peace Generating Spot


Learn to Embrace Peace

Once you get the knack of listening to doubt and allowing doubt to bow out of your life peace will then step in.

Peace is a guide or inner voice leading us to our truth and purpose.

  • When we ignore this peace doubts settles in as our natural self craves what brings peace.
  • Anytime we don't follow peace a form of fear named failure is born a cousin to doubt.

How to Beat Fear

Fear will always be present the trick is to know how to read fear and use fear to your advantage.
  • Allowing fear to hold you back keeps you from peace which is the path to success.
  • When at peace we feel confident, good and most importantly without doubt.
  • Peace does not make you second guess or doubt what your doing it gives birth to knowing.
  • Peace creates a driving force pulling you toward the life intended just for you!

Peace allows passion to flourish anytime you ignore passion you're turning your back on peace. This once again puts you face to face with doubt which gives way to more fear and the loss of happiness. You can change your life tremendously and be very happy by just learning to follow peace.  To follow peace you need only realize the truth in it and believe you are worthy deserving peace, joy and happiness.

Be at Peace and Conquer Life

You can conquer your most amazing dreams as you embrace the truth, your truth.

Doubt is your friend - When in doubt get out. Peace and doubt are not the same. Peace about something is your guide to do it and yet doubt is a very useful friend. Peace is a certainty a desire that is free of doubt. This peace lets you know what to chase after with all certainty it is right for you. Anytime doubt is there you need to say no this is not for me.  Listening to doubt prevents you from doing things that are wrong for you, things that will lead you toward unhappiness.

You Deserve Peace and Joy

Allow yourself to feel worthy of good things and enjoy the good in life.

BE AWARE - Doubt can occur if;

  • You're not following peace because you don't believe you deserve to be happy.
  • You're about to do something wrong for you, doubt will raise its head as a warning.

Bottom line is this;

  • You deserve to be happy beyond your wildest dreams
  • When you allow yourself to follow your peace,bliss and inner dreams you grow
  • This growth allows you to enjoy your true purpose and life to the fullest
  • Understand you are worthy and seize your life

Much Love and Peace, Katie

Do you wonder what's wrong with the annoying self absorbed people touting their abilities and accomplishments? Are these people really better than you? No they are not in fact...
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katiem2 on 03/10/2012

2uesday, Yes peace is essential, glad you made it here may you enjoy great peace love and joy in your life :)

DebbieBrooks, So happy you found my thoughts on peace! May you have abundant peace, love and joy!

DebbieBrooks on 03/10/2012

this is brilliant writing. Thank you for sharing.. Debbie

katiem2 on 03/09/2012

Martie, Great addition as it is a good thing to realize what you may never do and come to peace with what you have and how far you've came. Great to hear from you!

katiem2 on 03/09/2012

LadyGuinevere, Thank you :)

Thanks Vincent great to hear from you, thanks for sharing about your journey to peace.

LadyGuinevere on 03/09/2012

Very good article.

VincentMoore on 03/09/2012

Aw the Holy Grail of peace and contentment. I struggled with it throughout my life. Constant turmoil especially in my young life. Later in my adult life with two failed marriages. It is only the past few years that I have come to terms with my existence. Meditation, exercise, food, friends, music, writing are all my peace now. I live alone and love my solitude, I enjoy good friends, dinners, movies, t.v. and of course my writing. Everything in moderation is my Motto now and I find that very peaceful. Lovely article Katie, enjoyed it and shared it.

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