Finding Clarity to the Positively Creative Power

by adkwordsmith

Clarity can be an elusive thing for anyone under conditions that strain the ability to call into awareness the patterns that limit progress.

Ever have a day when you just didn’t even know where to begin in order to make progress? Then again, I guess ‘not knowing’ is a place to start, in itself. Once in a while, my mind can get lost in such a fog that it would seem I cannot see the next step, the next week, or the next month, much less a daunting 3-5-year-plan.

You know the times I’m talking about; those days when clarity and focus are the most elusive sanctuaries of peace on the planet, or worse, in your head. It’s a scary thought in relation to how present and aware we must be in order to navigate the complex world we live in, much less the secret lives of our minds. Bombarded with thoughts, random at best; with a million ideas moving in a million directions, headed straight for a crash course collision with frustration in the cosmos of the psyche. How do we break down the mental overwhelm so the fog doesn’t paralyze us with a lack of visibility, for what would often appear, a simple lack of decisiveness?


Round and Round We Go

. . . the cyclic dynamics of thought

For starters, it's never that simple, and yes, that's a consolation of responsibility displacement, of sorts. We do the best we can with what we have and know. It would seem a little brainstorming is in order, to start with, wouldn’t it? Hmmm. What’s the best way to move something you can sense, but can’t touch, or feel, has no discernable physical properties or form, yet you know darn well it's right in your way? It’s a place that challenges each of us in its own right, in very real ways, both personally and professionally.

Sometimes, it seems a matter of weighing and analyzing all options and letting reason unfold, but other times, it seems a matter of stepping forward in faith, not knowing what might be best, and just allowing the fog to clear as we go; kind of a “parting of the red sea” of the mind, watching pieces of clarity come into view as you move forward with intent to conquer the fog. These are fairly typical responses to the sensation of a lack of clarity, but what if I told you that they're counterintuitive? Even habitual, and they can prevent you from actually moving forward, as efficiently as a hamster wheel.  

There's generally a root cause to most hiccups like this in our patterns, thinking, lack of direction, productivity, or whatever it is we're struggling with; and if you don't know what that root cause is, you're at a disadvantage. The real problems occur when we remain consciously unaware of that root. We may get moments of reprieve to come up for air now and then, but rest assured, the vicious cycle will start all over again in the name of unconscious habit.

Habit is a sneaky thing. Think of the mind as the most precisely programmed supercomputer of all time. Input equals output when it comes to machines, right? That computer needs a new program to function differently, doesn't it? So do we. You can want something to change all you want, but if your subconscious mind is programmed for the same old, same old...guess what? You got it...more of the same old, same old.


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Getting to the Real

...Yes, you must know yourself

On the other hand, there is often (as counterintuitive as it feels), a need to be still and slow the mind down to reach clarity in reverse, because the fog we mistakenly sense as an external maze to navigate, is really a lack of visibility in the direction of inward. To learn to discern one’s voice from the hemming and hawing of the sea of voices we are constantly exposed to, which is by no means an easy task, one must literally turn the spotlight on the internal gears of one's own thinking and feelings and sort them out.

This is where things can get a bit uncomfortable; alone with self in the deep recesses of the mind, learning to listen for speaker number one; but it is also in this place and space, that a deeper understanding of oneself is cultivated. In turn, the subconscious mind can start revealing reasons behind a lack of clarity and countless other frustrations. Not only will such a reflective process help you identify your own voice, it will make it stronger amidst a sea of others that would sway your mind this way or that, empowering you to welcome or discard influences at will. 


Understanding the Impact of Thinking and Feeling Patterns

...and letting the fog go

Balancing the busy and difficult with quiet reflection and relaxation, while allowing limiting beliefs to surface into conscious awareness, is key. Such is the growth curve of moving through the fog into clarity and making changes that not only positively impact our own lives, but the lives of those around us. Does it get easier? Maybe, but maybe not. Growing pains aren’t just for bones.

So, I’ll leave you with a short poem from As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen (1902): Author of “From Passion to Peace”, that I have clung to for several years now. Applying it to my own life, along with other practices, has resulted in ups and downs in accordance with consistency and faithfulness and has been foundational in the great progress I have made. I highly recommend the book. It’s actually an essay, converted, and was on Amazon’s list of free classics, last I checked.


Mind is the Master power that moulds and makes,

And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes

The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills,

Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills:

He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass:

Environment is but his looking-glass. (Introduction, Kindle Edition)


As harsh as this little gem may sound, it means that you can have a Positively Creative day!


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katiem2 1 day ago

A fantastic first article. I am a firm believer we must nurture the mind and build positive pathways in the brain in order to have, keep and enjoy the best most positive human experience possible. I take in as much positive affirmations, meditation and hypnotherapy as time allows as I know it makes for a tremendous improvement.

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