Your True Self - Finding Purpose

by katiem2

Everyone wonders at one time or another why am I here, what's my purpose. Get clear insights as to what your purpose is and how to nurture it.

It's been said we each have our own unique and special purpose and yet many struggle to find that which has been with them all the while. In order to know your true purpose it is helpful to shift distracted thinking so awareness can move into action. Awareness of your true self is the guide to true purpose you do not need wait for because it has been with you always. Regardless of the hush and still voice of your personal unique reason for being here you can learn to bring it to the forefront cranking up the volume of your life.

What Blocks True Purpose

The reason people don't realize their true purpose is they listen to others who are clueless to your true self.

A path of preconditioned thought has been handed you throughout the years of your life.

From the time you were old enough to hear, ideas have been drilled into your head over and over again until automatic recaps of this information are played on a loop day in and out regardless of truth.

We spend our lives being guided by these thoughts all the while unaware this is not who we really are yet more of who we're told we are.

Do you know the difference?

Let's find out now!

How to Follow Your Dream

Follow your inner guide, your voice to true destiny.

Yes it's true we believe we are what we think we are as reminded over and over again by the ideas and thoughts that have been programmed for us by those who think they know best.

Ask yourself where it is you got these ideas and certainties.

Go on to ask how is it these thoughts presented to us as this so called truth has left us confused, empty and wondering about aimlessly?

The doubt grows within pulling us from our true selves and desires as the truth within us is constantly struggling to be free, heard, and the driving force of your life.

Finding the Real You

How to direct thoughts correctly and take back your life.

Thoughts are stock piles of ideas handed to us during childhood, it is this programming effecting us now.This is a time when we are accustomed to people telling us everything as if we know nothing otherwise. This constant telling can foster a, "I need guidance" I'm a follower mentality.

Regardless of how much we know love and adore our true selves as children we are told.

  • How to think and what to think.
  • Not to do that, you'll never get anywhere doing that.
  • Wear this and not that, don't grow your hair out of don't ever cut it.
  • Speak only when spoken to and keep your thoughts to yourself.
  • You can't be that when you grow up, you'll never make any money.
  • can't do that you're not smart enough
  •'re to smart for that you must do this

On and on the telling goes till the small and certain child who is purpose driven begins to doubt themselves and everything around them.

Doubt, confusion and uncertainty is born!

Your Inner Child

In fact, as children we do know a great deal about who we are and what our purpose is.

We're easily lead by our free spirits and inner song until repeated attempts to control us succeed.

Try to understand the various misconceptions these thoughts put on us pulling us from our true purpose until we forget we ever knew it.

Consider how much time you spend everyday guided by these misconceived thoughts. It's easy to imagine these thoughts to be the wrong directions to where you, your inner self, is trying to get as instinctively it knows.  The same frustration is born as that of a person knowing where they want to be and yet finding themselves lost as the directions their given do not guide them to where they should be.

This place is somewhere you've been before, you barely remember it but you do, you remember the place your childhood dreamed about.  We are all born with a unique and special dream, it is our guide to our purpose.  The problem with being lost, missing the mark is the direction we are given, the correction to our inner knowing.  We, as children are constantly handed the wrong directions.

This creates a strong doubt that our dream is just that a dream and not real, not attainable. It is not a dream my friend it is real and it is yours. Being controlled and directed by these unintentional counter productive thoughts, meant to be helpful thoughts, distract us from our true purpose.

Find True Purpose

True purpose knows no doubt, it is certain as a small child knowing exactly how to go about it's day in pure bliss.

We must learn to be like that child again hearing the truth and allowing it to guide us. Dwelling on false thoughts creates doubt, confusion and unsettled emotions, none of which are useful and affects greatly.

Waking to this truth will allow you to tap into true consciousness once again and regain your path. This awareness is a guard at the door of true self and stops the false thought process each time it rears its ugly head and allows you to proceed with your truth.

Your purpose is a true consciousness within you, it's your heart, your soul it is the spirit within you. This is the real you that shares your truth. Your gifts are not in your head tangled with the thoughts and ideas handed to you, they are your peace in knowing you are exactly where you should be and doing exactly what you long for. Your true self and purpose is limitless and knows no boundaries. It is doing what you want with do doubt. Thoughts put on you are what creates doubt and does not belong to you.

Once you tame your obsession with stored thought, you will slowly notice yourself coming out more each day, your real self. You will feel great comfort and ease with it and know you should no longer be misdirected by thoughts and beliefs of another. You may now find your true self by waking to your true purpose!

Much Love and Happiness, Katie

Updated: 05/11/2013, katiem2
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katiem2 on 02/22/2012

Debbie, I agree, thanks for commenting, great to have you here.

DebbieBrooks on 02/22/2012

wow.. this is good reading. and yes I can relate too...I am finally at peace with my self., but the things from our childhood really hurts sometimes.

katiem2 on 02/22/2012

humagaia, I can relate, I raise my kids like that. Great to hear from you and learn more about you. I was the second youngest of six, I think everybody gets worn out by the time it comes to the youngest of that many kids. I was constantly told what to do and what not to do.... they still do it. Every family is different. As I said in the article, I feel peace is the knowing you are doing what you enjoy, I'm at peace with my life, happy and thrilled.

humagaia on 02/22/2012

I must be the odd one out here. My parents never pushed their concepts of what they wanted me to be, upon me. Sure, they had their dreams for what I could become, but they did not require nor contemplate living their lives off what I would do.
I was allowed to think for myself, come to my own conclusions. I never had ideas thrust upon me: we discussed instead - from an early age. Perhaps it was because I am an only child, nurtured to become whatever I could be.
By the time I attended school I was already mature. My friends were from the older classes. My contemporaries could not converse on my level, I had been used to adult conversation.
I never felt that I was being taught at school. I felt that I was being given the opportunity to soak up information. I have always known who I am.
I do not need a purpose, however. I am comfortable with who I am and what I do not do. At the end of my time I shall disappear and all of my thoughts with me. Nobody will have controlled my thoughts or my understanding of myself.
But then I must be the lucky one.

katiem2 on 02/21/2012

Thank you Jewelofawe, So good to have you read finding purpose as it is near and dear to me.

Jewelsofawe on 02/21/2012

Great article~!

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