Five Smart Ways to Simplify Your Life

by LiveLoveGive

Check out these quick tips for simplifying your life, easing stress, and living more joyfully!

When you simplify your life, both materially and spiritually, you actually open yourself up to more abundance than you could possibly imagine. Taking steps to clear out the clutter in your life can help to ease stress, improve your health, and strengthen your family and social relationships. Here are some simply ways to start simplifying your life so that you can spend time doing what really matters to you!

Learn how clearing clutter from your social and work schedules can help you feel more balanced and refreshed.
Learn how clearing clutter from your social and work schedules can help you feel more balanced and refreshed.

There's a movement afoot to downsize our homes into smaller and smaller abodes---commonly known as tiny houses. Many people are giving up on the idea that you must own a big house in order to be happy. But while there are many blogs and articles on how to get rid of 'stuff' and learn how to live with less, many people still cling to invisible forms of clutter that can make life much more stressful than it need be.

Below is a list of things you can start doing to simplify your life and bring more peace, joy and harmony to your days and nights.

1. Learn how to be more assertive.

If you're like me, you probably have a hard time saying no to other people, especially friends and family that mean the world to you. But saying yes to everything under the sun – from attending multiple family gatherings to lending money to relatives or helping someone move -- can have a negative effect on your interpersonal relationships. When you learn how to say 'no' to the things that you can’t do and embrace all the things you want to do, the time you spend with friends and family will be much more enjoyable.

If you find you have a hard time saying 'No' to your boss when he piling too much work on your plate, read "How to Disagree with Your Boss without Getting Fired"or "How to Communicate More Effectively with Your Boss." On the other hand, if it's loved ones that you have to practice saying "no" to more often, read "How to Reduce Conflict When You and Your Spouse Don't See Eye to Eye."

2. Pare down your media consumption.

Become more selective in what you watch on TV, the movies you choose to see, and the online media you consume. Limiting your screen time and being more selective in what you watch, read, and listen to will cut down on the endless media chatter that permeates our lives, day in and day out.

3. Consolidate your email and social media accounts.

Use the social media accounts that you enjoy using the most and unsubscribe from all the rest. (Right now my favorite social media playgrounds include Pinterest and Facebook.) If you find you're struggling to keep up with the maintenance of several different social media profiles and accounts, it's time to assess how many social media accounts you really need in order to be an effective blogger, writer or storyteller.

4. Simplify your banking.

Reducing the number of financial institutions you use will help you keep better track of your money and reduce unnecessary fees. Consolidating your accounts and getting rid of the ones that you don’t use can also improve your credit score. Plus you'll reduce your exposure to online fraud and identity theft because you’ll be able to monitor your accounts more effectively.

If you want to reduce financial stress and drama in your life, read my article on how to create clear boundaries with friends and family members who want to borrow money.

5. Say 'no' to gossip.

Gossip creates time-wasting, energy-zapping drama. Steer clear of gossip at work, among friends and even within the family. (Talking about other relatives behind their back is a form of gossip even if it is kept in the family.) Commit yourself to communicating more openly with others and let people know that you will not listen to negative jabs about others. Remember, gossiping can be a subtle and sinister form of bullying, especially at work. Saying 'no' to gossip is a sign that you are an emotionally mature, confident person.

What causes the most mental and emotional clutter in your life?

If you could make your life easier without spending any money, what would you do? Would you cut back on the number of social commitments you make so that you could spend time with people you enjoy being around? Would you start saying 'no' to the things that you don't want in your life---drama, negativity---and say 'yes' to more of the things you do want, like a restful night's sleep and authentic relationships?

What other areas in your life need to be de-cluttered and simplified? Leave a comment and share the ways you have simplified your life.

Updated: 08/27/2016, LiveLoveGive
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