Floral Tote Bags; Eco friendly, Durable and Stylish

by HollieT

Floral tote bags not only make great gifts but are eco-friendly, durable and stylish.

Floral tote bags are more than just eco-friendly alternatives to plastic carrier bags, they also make great gifts for women of any age.

Whether you are looking for a shopping tote decorated with an attractive floral design, or a stylish fashion accessory to compliment any outfit; here a few options to consider.

Floral Tote Bags; Attractive Yet Practical.

Of course, floral totes make great accessories whatever the occasion, and are suitable for many more occasions then just a routine trip to the store. 

However, if you're looking for large, strong and sturdy bag then the jumbo tote, such as the Wildflowers in the Sunset design illustrated, is an excellent option.

The bags are made from 100% canvas cotton, have extra long handles and are available in four colors; natural, royal, navy and black. All the seams have been double stitched to ensure that they are durable and reliable. 

The bags are machine washable and measure 20" x 14.5" x 4" deep.


Wildflowers in the Sunset Design Jumbo Tote.

Cherry Blossom Organic Grocery Tote From Zazzle.

Organic Grocery Floral Tote Bags.

The organic grocery tote is a smaller option for those who just need a compact yet sturdy bag.

Measuring 13" x 15.5" x 7" this attractive little shopper contains organic cotton web handles which have been reinforced with stress point stitching, so despite it's size it's still strong enough to hold a number of heavy items.

This particular tote is made from 100% certified organic cotton twill and is available in one color; natural. 

Budget Tote and Tiny Tote.

The budget tote is great value, particularly when you consider that the bags can be decorated with beautiful and original artwork at no extra cost. If you have a limited amount of cash to spend, and are looking to buy a gift for yourself or a loved one, then the budget tote is an affordable option.

The bags are available in five colors; natural, green,red,royal and black. As with all the totes available from Zazzle, the products are made from 100% cotton canvas, and contain reinforced stitching which ensure the bags are reliable. Dimensions are; 15.75" x 15.25".

The tiny tote: makes a lovely accessory which will compliment or dress up any outfit. The bag contains short handles, resembling more of a handbag as opposed to a shopper. Having said that, the bag contains side and bottom gussets, ensuring that it is roomy enough for all the items you may to need to carry around with you. 

The tiny tote is available in four colors; natural, navy, royal and black and is made from 100% cotton. The stitching is reinforced for extra strength and measures 14.5" x 11.4".

Impulse tote

The impulse tote is finished with colored, reinforced handles and base which are available in eight different colours; forest, black, lime, royal, pink, red, navy and light blue. There is an outer pocket on bag which is where the artwork, such as the Orchids; White and Yellow is placed. 

The impulse tote is fairly large and doubled stitched ensuring you can safely carry heavy items such as books and groceries. The tote is 100% cotton and measures 18.5" x 13.5" x 5.5" deep.

The artwork featured on these bags is available on all styles and can be customized, or personalized to suit your needs.

Updated: 04/16/2013, HollieT
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HollieT on 04/29/2013

Hi Sheilamarie, I know, we went a bit off tangent there. Interesting all the same:) Thank you, I really appreciate that and I always have a fabric bag with me too, I think it's a really good habit to get into to.

Hi Peggy, thank you very much. Whenever I draw something I have now idea if others will like it or not, It's really encouraging to hear that others do. :)

PeggyHazelwood on 04/28/2013

What a great selection of tote bags! Love your images!

sheilamarie on 04/28/2013

Man, what you can learn about vocabulary and geography on Wizzley!
As far as the bags go, they're lovely, HollieT. I take cloth bags with me wherever I go. You just never know when you'll need one.

HollieT on 04/17/2013

I'll take a look at this, thanks Wordchazer. It's honestly not an expression I've ever heard before.

Guest on 04/17/2013

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bog_snor.... Originated in Wales. Used to describe Fen-dwellers too, thanks to the increasingly marshy land as you head East from here.

HollieT on 04/17/2013

A bog snorkler is a new expression on me. lol.

Guest on 04/17/2013

Yup, I'm a bog snorkler by adoption but Manchester does great events as well as pubs and shops. Will be back in October, all things being equal. I'll be visiting Wolverhampton for the first time next month pursuing my retro-tech geek fixation. I do love digital arts parties and retro-tech events, plus visiting them allows me to travel to places I've never been before.

HollieT on 04/17/2013

That's a shame Frank. She's studying for the extended diploma in childcare- she wants to be a primary school teacher. Before she decided this, she was going to study A level religious studies.

frankbeswick on 04/17/2013

Sadly, Hollie, I wil have left then, but you never know. I am currently in my third incarnation at Ashton. I teach either religion or philosophy, but philosophjy is finishing this year, but when they need Religious Studies they tend to call me back

HollieT on 04/17/2013

Cambridge I think, Frank. My daughter starts at Ashton Sixth Form in September!

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