Forever 27 - The Myths, The Music, The Mystery

by frugalrvers

The Forever 27 Club is something no musicians want to belong to, or do they? Is there a 27 club jinx? Find out about the list of artists who died at twenty seven years of age here.

What is Forever 27?'s a "club" of sorts.

We've lost so many talented musicians at 27 years of age. Some by accidents, some by overdoses and some by suicide. Then there are those whose deaths to this day are considered suspicious, with many conspiracy theories around.

In sum, people began noting a pattern that some musical stars and performers, who should have had a long life ahead of them, were leaving us at the age of twenty seven.

Here you will find the names of the most famous stars who experienced death at 27, as well as learning about the legend...

Dead At 27 Explained

An Introduction To Why They Died At 27

It has become a modern myth, an Internet meme, a theory that is alive and keeps growing - the forever 27 club.

The name refers to the age when so many musicians have died a tragic death - at 27. Along the way the long list of musicians who died make up a literal who's who of modern popular music.

They died in a variety of ways - drug overdose, suicide, accidental suicide, accident, natural causes, victims of crime, and so on.

Why did they all die at the same age? Is there some mysterious underlying reason that so many famous people died 27 years after they were born? Is there anything special about the number 27? Or is it merely one coincidence after another? Here are some explanations...

Forever 27 Club Poster

A Forever 27 Poster With Some Of The Members
(24x36) Forever 27 (Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Jimi H...

The 27 Club Jinx Begs More Questions

Is There A Forever 27 Curse?

The supernatural or curse theory goes something like this. A young person is catapulted into fame at an early age. By becoming wealthy and famous, he or she attracts the attention of whatever malevolent spirits may be out there, who apparently want to take the young star down a notch - or down all the way. The presence of a jinx or a curse logically demands an entity of some kind making the death happen at a certain point in life. If a logical explanation really doesn't matter, then there just happens to be a jinx that is out there in the universe waiting for the unsuspecting young star to walk into. This theory is an easy one to accept if you don't think about it too closely, and it gets around a major problem with any blanket explanation - the different causes of death. But it still begs the question, why death at 27 - what's wrong with 28 or 30?

There was a study conducted that might make you think twice about a "27 Club Curse" - if you are interested!

Scott Lobaido Forever 27 Poster - Another Mystery

Many People Try To Solve This Forever 27 Poster Meaning (Hidden Objects)
Scott LoBaido Forever 27 Art Print Poster - 24x36 Poster Print by S...

Forever 27 Poster Meaning In Scott Lobaido Art

When Kurt Cobain died in 1994 and thus joined that "stupid club" known as the forever 27 club, Scott Lobaido was inspired to create an enigmatic piece of art. His poster is a depiction of the most famous 4 members of the club who passed this earthly realm at 27 years of age - Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and Kurt Cobain - in heaven. Or at least in an afterlife of some kind - that's the beauty and mystery of the painting. It fascinates and awes the onlooker while it tickles the mind - what does it all mean?

Done in a surrealistic style, the poster includes the 4 major figures in a room in the sky. You can study these portraits and learn quite a bit - for example, Kurt looks like a somewhat disappointed newcomer to the scene, standing on the edge with a forlorn expression on his face. All around them in this floating space are various objects also formed in sometimes distorted and strange ways. Some of the objects have a general meaning, such as the clock that appears to be melting - time as they knew it has stopped, we know. Other depictions in the composition are specific to one of the major subjects - for example, the Mercedes-Benz grill near Joplin is an obvious reference to one of her most famous songs, just like Kurt Cobain's heart shaped box and Jimi Hendrix' waterfall.

But the meaning of other items is not so easily determined. That makes this meaningful and mysterious poster one to not only enjoy as a work of art, but to study, ponder, and learn from. Be sure to put your thoughts about other items found in the poster, and what they mean to you, in the comment section at the end. There are many more items to be discussed!

Forever 27 List Of Top 10 Most Famous

These Famous People Died 27 Years Of Age

Amy Winehouse - She wanted to be famous, and worked very hard to achieve it, becoming a global sensation. She died from alcohol poisoning, having over 5 times the legal limit in her bloodsteam at the time of death.
Pete Ham - One of the founding members of the immensely successful rock group Badfinger, Ham hanged himself. He was unable to beat the extreme depression that resulted from his losing a fortune to unscrupulous management.
Ron McKernan - A much-loved founding member of the Grateful Dead, "Pigpen" McKernan's death was due to a stomach hemorrhage, the result of many years of heavy drinking, and a few drugs as well.
D. Boon - The Minutemen, a seminal and influential punk trio, lost their  singer-guitarist-songwriter to a touring accident. His neck was broken and he died instantly when the van he was sleeping in left the road.
Jim Morrison - Known as the Lizard King, the lead singer of the Doors supposedly died in Paris of heart failure, presumably brought on in part by alcohol abuse. And maybe a few drugs too.
Brian Jones - Another founding member of a world-famous band - the Rolling Stones - whose death was an accident. He drowned in a swimming pool, but the circumstances surrounding his death are still mysterious.
Kurt Cobain - Nirvana's main man, Cobain killed himself after either not being able to kick a heroin addiction, or because his stomach caused him terrible, chronic pain. His mother famously said that she had warned him "not to join that stupid club."
Robert Johnson - The father of modern blues and the rock and roll lifestyle. Johnson was a handsome ladies man who unwittingly drank poison-laced whiskey supplied by a husband of one of the ladies.
Janis Joplin - The Queen of San Francisco rock in the era of Flower Power, she apparently started drinking sometime before the summer of love 1967, and never stopped. Heroin was also to blame for her death.
Jimi Hendrix - The King of the electric guitar was asphyxiated on his own vomit after downing a mixture of alcohol and pills.

Giving The Theory Of Forever 27 Meaning

From Forever 27 Conspiracy To Reality


The strange phenomenon of the copycat is very well known in psychology. Usually it is criminal or abnormal psychologists who study it, but it has its roots as a behavior in everyday human experience. We love to imitate others, especially if we see them achieving some sort of status through their actions. We think that if we do the same things, we'll get the same rewards. Some behaviors become attractive for their riskiness or fringe quality, and copycat criminals try to do the deeds of their mentors just because it seems like a good idea. Maybe Amy Winehouse was just doing what Janis Joplin did, and wound up in the same situation with only one way out. Or maybe not - their deaths were judged to be accidental. That's a major flaw in this theory - how does it explain the involuntary deaths that have happened? Maybe there's simply some kind of pattern or path that these forever 27 club members got sucked into, and couldn't get out.


The arc of any given human being's life on average follows a similar trajectory. There is birth, early childhood, preteen, adolescence, young adult, mature adult, and old age - to simplify the stages of life somewhat. Every human goes through stages of development and comes out the other side ready for the next stage to begin. Perhaps the fame, wealth, attention, and praise that comes with such a meteoric rise causes arrested development issues, and the star cannot continue in an untenable and impossible situation. Of course, there are members of the club who didn't really achieve the heights of others, but it could still have something to do with the whole culture of rock and roll - the live fast, die young approach.


Still, many of those who met their death at 27 did become well-known enough to merit inclusion in the club - they weren't just ordinary people living normal lives. Being in the public eye, having some notoriety, being recognized on the street, all of this can have an effect on a person even if the fortune isn't really matching the fame. It is a commonplace idea that fame has its price, and that it exacts a huge cost from the unwitting star. Maybe at this age the pressures become too great and the cost can't be paid, so the universe miraculously conspires to end a life.


When all the possibilities are looked at and considered, it is hard to rationally accept any of them as being the one explanation for the forever 27 deaths that have happened.  After all, there are many young stars who died in similarly tragic circumstances at other ages -it just happens to be true that a boatload of famous people died 27 years after the year of their birth. There is nothing occult or significant about the number 27, in fact the number 23 has many more strange qualities and connections. But the world and life somehow have created a mystery for us to think about and to keep us awake at night. Only the members of the forever 27 club know the answer for sure, and they aren't telling.

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Jenna on 08/11/2013

The ice cream sundae is a strawberry shake which was one of Kurt Cobain's favorites

frugalrvers on 02/26/2013

Phil - Great info on the tongue, obviously connected to the Stones logo - I never thought about that. But the ice cream sundae is still a mystery as far as I know...Any ideas on that?

phil on 02/26/2013

It tokk me a little bit but I figured it out theres a ball and chain below for janis for her song ball and chain and brian jones has a dragon underneath him with the stones mouth with tounge sticking out on the dragons face.. but thanks for gettin back to me though.. this is a pretty sick page

frugalrvers on 02/25/2013

Think the rose is for Janis...but not sure about Brian Jones!
Thanks for your comments!

phil on 02/25/2013

so theres a heart shaped box for kurt cobain, a voddo doll for hendrix and him being the vodoo child, jim morrison is the crawling king snake so theres a snake.. what are the images for janis and brian jones?

frugalrvers on 09/27/2012

Thanks for your comment! Was away on a trip...sorry for the delay. It is very sad...such promising, talented young people...

zteve on 09/21/2012

I don' know if its coincidence or what but it is very sad. They were certainly a very talented group of people. Interesting and well presented page, thanks!

frugalrvers on 08/07/2012

You're welcome! And we started a website that is adding even more (the link is at the start of this article). Jim is a music junky, so this is his project...and he is lovin' it! Thanks for the compliment!

Mira on 08/07/2012

Learned more about this 27 club from your article, as I only knew of half the people you mentioned. Thank you!

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