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Can I get some feedback, please?  

First Article Blocked, First Question on Forums Deleted

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on 08/15/2012

Can someone from Wizzley explain why this is the case?  The content written in the article serves as an introductory look at what search engine optimization is and how to start with good practices.  I asked a question on what part of the content seemed to be " generic, rehashed, shallow, or otherwise poor content which serves no other purpose than to provide ads or backlinks to the owner".


Instead of an answer, the responses came in the form of the article remaining blocked and my question being deleted from the forums.  How can I improve the article if this is the type of feedback given?

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on 08/15/2012

Our forum is not the right place to discuss this particular issue. Members are not involved in the editorial process. Posting a blocked article in the forum makes no sense, at all.

You should have written to admin instead. (Contact info under 'Imprint'.)

We're looking for content that offers interesting, personal insights and unique value to readers. In other words: we're trying to contribute value to the web, rather than publishing more of 'the same'.

Ask yourself: do we really need another generic "SEO Overview" from an SEO company? It's 'rehashed' content by nature.

Instead, wow your readers with specific tips, new insights, personal experiences, case studies, etc. - truly useful stuff.

Since you've posted here, and for the benefit of readers, I just told you the same things I would write in response to your support mail. I suggest we put this issue to rest and move on. Smile


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