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Can I get some feedback, please?  

Kindly assist on my article

on 12/31/2015

I am a new member. I heard this website is a good platform to share our content experience. I have published an article but it's blocked due to following reasons...

We do not accept rehashed, shallow, or otherwise superficial content of low informational value which appears to be primarily self-serving.

I do not agree with this reason because my article thought is new and not rehashed the content. It's totally unique but I don't know where wizzley editor finds rehashed content.

Kindly provide assistance on how to get approval on my article and also suggest correction if require.

Posts: 90
on 12/31/2015

This is your first article, and therefore you need to gain experience. What I suggest is that you scrap this article, but rethink the subject matter and the language that you are using, then resubmit. To be a good writer you need to have thought deeply about what you write and you need to think about the quality of the language. The best writers are sensitive to every word they use, sometimes going over material to get it right.  What you say must be true, good and beautiful. True writers are never satisfied with the  quality of what they write.Good luck.

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on 12/31/2015

Without seeing your article I am guessing it may have had too much product sales and product descriptions.  If it looks too commercial you can find it not published.  After you get used to what is accepted and I find it easy to get accepted, you should do fine.  The main thing is to not give up.  

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on 01/01/2016

Since your article is not published it, we cannot see it.  

As BlackSpaniel mentioned you may have too many products.

Delete it and try to rewrite it.   Run your article through free plagerism checker or copyscape to see if your content has been used elsewhere.   

My first article was not accepted here.  I simply rewrote it. 

Check Wizzley rules regarding content, number of products permitted. 

Linda Smith
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