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attn: lulu publishers

on 04/11/2012

I was pretty psyched to get an email today saying that the book I published through lulu and sell via them on Amazon (com and is now available on Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Spain and Amazon Italy.  I haven't figured out a marketing strategy for that yet but it can only help.

If you're publishing through lulu and have a ISBN number for your book(s) be sure to get it in the Amazon system.

Also, lulu is a VigLink affiliate so you can make that work for you (and Wizzley) too. Smile

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on 04/11/2012

What is your book about?

Brenda Reeves
Posts: 1140
on 04/11/2012

That is so exciting!  I want to know more about your book too.

on 04/12/2012

As a matter of fact I made my very first Wizzle about it.  Mandala You!

I'd just like to say I don't consider myself an artist by any stretch of the imagination but I made this work out pretty good.  So if you've been on the fence about creating any type of book, know that you can do it.  If you've got a book in your heart, write it.  Maybe you'll sell 2 copies (to family members Smile) or maybe you'll sell 100,000.  Just do it!

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on 04/12/2012

brl, That's fantastic news, so happy for you.  I've never used lulu, I'd be very interested, as I'm sure others would, to read and learn more about lulu here in the way of a great wizz written by you!

Again, Great information, thanks for sharing and best regards for rocketing sales Smile


I'm back read your article, left a comment, followed through to your store, awesome.  I've yet to fully emerge in my creative side, but have been looking at many outlets to do so.  I'm learning a great deal about the possibilities through amazing and creative people like yourself.  I like all the products with your art!

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