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Can you help make my daughter smile?

on 06/19/2012

Normally I wouldn't come here asking for clicks, but this is for my daughter.

She (Liv, age 8) and I made a Wizzle together one day.  She really thinks it's cool when I tell her the number of hits it has gotten (she was so happy when it went over 100) and she always checks the poll to see if anyone voted.

If you get a sec, could you please click on Awesome Monster High Dolls and vote in the poll?  I realize most of you don't have a favorite but it really doesn't matter which one you vote for, she just likes seeing the number go up.


Posts: 245
on 06/19/2012

Sure - love it when kids get enthusiastic about things. Maybe she'll take up online writing too :)

on 06/19/2012

You guys absolutely rock.

She is SO happy about the 9 hits and 6 votes in the past couple of hours.

Thanks so much!

Posts: 535
on 06/19/2012

I just voted for a name that sounds good :)

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Posts: 847
on 06/19/2012

I voted. My grand-daughters might like those.

Brenda Reeves
Posts: 169
on 06/19/2012

I voted. 18 votes and counting. Glad to put a smile on a girl's face. Smile

Posts: 723
on 06/19/2012

I voted for Spectra Vondergeist, because I love ferrets and blogging ;-) Great article and great mother-daughter project, I gave it also a little social media push via the buttons Wizzley provides ;-) SY

on 06/20/2012

Thank you all so much!  She was so happy.  When we woke up today (CET) we had gotten 59 hits since yesterday morning, 18 votes on the poll and are first on buzzing.  She was over the moon!

I should also maybe mention that English is her second language (Swedish is her native language).  It felt really good to help build her confidence that she did something really cool in English (my native language).  When we were making it she told me everything in English.  Proud mommy here.  :)

Thanks again!

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on 06/22/2012

Hey brl!


Just voted for your daughter!

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