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Forum on other domain

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on 09/24/2011


I'm kinda new here on wizzley but I already have some experience on squidoo and hubpages.

I was wondering if it wasn't a great idea to host the wizzley forum on another domain? I think this should be a great upgrade for the SEO point of view.

Wouldn't this be a great thing for wizzley and their users? By just hosting the forum on another domain the number of backlinks to the site will grow quickly resulting in a lot more overall traffic to the site.

Just look how squidoo is doing this. They use many different domains (squidoo, squidu, squidHQ) and encouraged there users to interact on those. This is a genius approach, in fact, they are providing their own sites with enough autority that it is easy for their users to hit top positions in the google SERPs.

I would highly reccomend to do this to the wizzley staff, everyone here can only benefit from this.

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on 09/24/2011

Thanks for your great idea. We have added it on our to-do-list :-)

My Tip: Public domain images on :-)
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