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Hubpages banned from Pinterest

on 10/09/2012

It's interesting watching the developments unfold.

The big question is.... how can other multi-user sites control what it is that their users share? 

The only way that I can think of is to attempt to educate users in etiquette, e.g. how many writers sign up to services such as Pinterest solely to share their own content?

That is, in itself, a breach of their terms of service - it just so happens that they turn a blind eye to it as long as you appear to otherwise be an upstanding and active member of their community (commenting, repinning, sharing stuff which is clearly not your own).

It's certainly something that Wizzley users need to take into consideration, do you appear to be using pinterest naturally? Or are you selfishly self-promoting? Are you doing what's best by the site as a whole? 

Interesting thoughts, and one which the likes of Squidoo and Wizzley are going to need to pay attention to.

It still begs the question though, how - ultimately - are sites supposed to control what is shared and by who? They can't? 

At this stage their remains the possibility that Hubpages have been banned for technical reasons, but it's interesting watching developments:

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on 10/09/2012

Sounds like Socialism

on 10/09/2012


janderson99: 10/09/2012 - 09:53 PM

Sounds like Socialism

And some people, me included, prefer socialist ideology to capitalist ideology.

Socialism saved my life in fact. 

on 10/09/2012

ps. Hooray, let's turn Wizzley into hubpages by getting into political debates *sigh*

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on 10/10/2012

I'll tell you the difference most people on HP are using illegal images in their posts, wizzlers on the other hand are using either public domain images or their own or even allposters, flikr etc, so we have resources- even Squidoo has flikr and other resources for legal images... HP offers NO options and their amazon module can't even do gallery...

so this leads to a tipping point of bad/illegal images. Sure wizzley has some but the ration is like 1% and HP is likely at 80%...

HP is likely as a group "pinning" a lot of copyright infringement, this leads to the author of those images likely being peeved that their images are being stolen and reporting or doing a take down notice, enough of these and the site or source is blocked to plug the leak of toxic "content" entering their site...

Even with a lot of valid content pinning, if you see it from their side you realize they have streams coming into the site and those streams need to be tempered and kept pure, HP is flooding them with the same crap their writers are (not all but the majority based on a few searches for articles there recently 1 out of 10 were even readable not babbling).... and they are doing what HP is doing to their writers, banning the culprit sites to stop the infusion of unstable content (could get them sued etc...)...

It's the sheer volume of traffic and the ratio of legal vs illegal pinning that could be causing the problem. This is the same phenomenon that got ME banned from HP! I pushed too many articles that weren't checked for grammar, etc... onto the site at a rate of 34-50 a day, 5 days later I entered the room and realized the bulb burnt out- just banned.

You ask me this is great karma for the BS haha... thanks Ryan, I needed some entertainment today :)

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