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Jerrico Usher

on 11/11/2012

"if 20.00 is expensive to you I don't think your doing as well as your trying to portray... seriously Ryan?"

I want to set the record straight on one thing. I've never claimed on here to have been doing well financially, I've never told you how much I earn on this site or any other website, in fact I've been very clear on here that I'm making mere pennies with Wizzley and that I'm attempting to rebuild my affiliate marketing income. 

Any assumptions that you have derived from any of my Wizzley forum posts have merely been the product of your own mind and if you have gained a certain perception of me then it is not one that I've have attempted to plant in your head or anybody else's head. 

If you were to write half as much monetized content as you write on this forum you wouldn't need to try and flog people articles. Feel free to counter this with quotes from myself, or perhaps you can explain why somebody who has done his damn hardest to remove his name from the internet would be attempting to portray any sort of image whatsoever. 

I'm more happy to agree to avoid your posts on this Wizzley forum from now on forward, and will be doing so. I just felt the need to defend myself in respect of that specific statement which I strongly feel was made without any foundation whatsoever. 

The rest was just blah blah blah, as per usual. 

on 11/11/2012

Feel free to ban me, lock the thread, or bend me over and spank me. 

Posts: 3394
on 11/11/2012

After executing a 20-minute digital spanking, I am exhausted.

Therefore, this thread is closed.

A word to the wise:

If this discussion gets restarted in a new thread, I will delete the entire shebang.

Personal attacks don't belong in our forum. Period.

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