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Page was blocked

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on 02/13/2013

i have a feeling it was because i submitted it too early after deleting it on another site, but it is telling me its because my grammar and capitalization is bad?

i checked out some of the other articles and to be honest mine is just as good if not better so i'm wondering if it's just a glitch in the system, would be great if any members of wizzley could look into this for me.

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on 02/13/2013

Danny, just to let you know that we can not see it. I think you will need to edit it and re-submit it to get it published. 

The checking process here is good and in place for a reason, it often happens that new writers here have to make a few adjustments to their first articles passed. It may be something as simple as typing i instead of I.

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on 02/13/2013

If you deleted the content already published somewhere else, this can be a problem because the old content is still somewhere in indexes of search engines. You can check this by entering a string from your rejected article in search window, like "bla bla bla bla whatever" and you will see if G or somebody else still shows it in results. It can take two weeks to clear old stuff from index.

I don't think bad grammar can block you. My articles are not very good in this area and I had no problem. Unless it is really bad grammar;)

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on 09/16/2013

 I used the ginger add on and It catches those mistakes with spelling and grammar. And my page still came back as block and I put a lot of time and effort Into making It and promoting It. And they blocked It which makes me look bad to my readers. I know that the grammar Is good to good because I write for other sites that wants good grammar and it comes back as good. I write one article on here and It comes back as block with that reason. So no Idal what Is the problem here I am looking for support but was sent here which has me kind of worried.

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on 09/16/2013

Danny and Surfer, if you want me to run Copyscape on your articles to see where they might be elsewhere (if they've been published elsewhere and you're not sure why else they could be blocked) let me know. I have an account and can copy/paste your words in a matter of a few minutes.

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