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Post Locked without any Specific Reason

on 09/22/2016

Total Nonsense Reply......where i found my fault.....?


My post is blocked without any Specific Reason.....

As a responsible Editor or Website....there must be exact reason of Locking so that a Writer can correct it.


I just received vague emails that is following:


Hello Tonyjj,
After careful consideration, we have decided not to accept your page with the title "Birds Love".

We strive to add value to the web, by publishing original, useful, interesting and attractive pages that encourage social sharing. We require good grammar and sentence structure, proper use of our various modules, and complementary illustration with relevant images and/or videos. Most importantly, your article should be geared towards human readers and not just search engines (SEO).

Unfortunately, your article does not meet one or more of these criteria.

Take a moment to review our TOS ( and Quality Guidelines and Restricted Topics ( Another useful guide is "Writing Quality Articles on Wizzley" (", which gets you started with the basics.

These guides provide valuable information should you wish to submit another article to Wizzley.

Best Regards,
the Wizzley Team 



Posts: 139
on 09/24/2016

Wizzley doesn't lock articles.  I believe if article is not approved, they move it to draft or trash.  Click on actions.   Considering the email, there must be multiple issues with your article.  Read the information, rules, etc and simply rewrite your article. 

Linda Smith
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