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Youtube module not working properly

on 05/30/2015

The search option is not working for me, meaning I have had to go back and add specific URL to the  Module. This is not ideal, because the key word search option offers a fall back if the shown video is removed for whatever reason.

I have had to manually add specific URL  on nearly every article. I assume this isn't only a bug that affects me?

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on 05/30/2015

Thanks for the tip. We're looking into it.

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on 05/30/2015

It's fixed now. YouTube has changed their code and we had to adapt ours accordingly.

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on 05/31/2015

Thanks for being so quick and responsive on this issue! Cool

on 06/05/2015

 I did want to mention that In my case I had to go back through each article and re-submit the search term "preview" then the video will show properly. It did not auto revert back to working properly for me after the fix.

I am now having issues with adding videos, I am receiving this message when I try to add a specific URL:

"The source server is currently unavailable."


This happened a few times yesterday and today.



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