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Help me, please!  

Can amazon links change?

on 01/05/2012

I need to know if I am hallucinating.

I was looking at my Wordfeud wizzle today and noticed that there is an amazon item I am POSITIVE I didn't put on there.  It is a Countdown To Christmas 2010 Hallmark Ornament.  I'm sure I had a scrabble board in that module.

I'll leave it there for a few hours before I change it in case anyone wants to see.

Is this even possible?  It seems highly unlikely that code can magically change but I swear I didn't put that ornament there.

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on 01/05/2012

Instead of leaving the product selection up to Amazon (by entering a search term), simply select your product on and then enter the ASIN # into the appropriate field in your editor.

That way you can avoid such pesky glitches.

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on 01/05/2012

Will do!

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