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Help me, please!  

Can someone please explain what the percentage of a Wizzle means?

on 12/06/2014

I noticed some of my articles have higher percentages than others.  I have tried to figure out why--some that have more likes and comments are still at 47%, while others with no comments are 54%, and others still are at 80%.  How do they determine the percentage number for each article?  What makes a percentage go up and down?

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on 12/07/2014

You might want to read the Wizzley FAQ. 

This is the explanation they give.

Page rank is a quality symbol for articles that is measured in percent. Outstanding pages are displayed more prominently, which may result in higher traffic numbers.

The Wizzley page rank is calculated from several factors:

1. Likes/thumb-ups 
2. Number of visitors and comments 
3. Content and uniqueness of the article

The author rank is related to the number and quality of articles, as well as the completeness of the profile info.

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