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Help me, please!  

confused about blocking

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on 04/12/2015

I am confused why I violated the terms.  I guess I miss the days where journalism wasn't so strict. Now it is all monitored and we have to careful what we write. Maybe I should just go back and just write for free on my blog because I'm not so sure if writing for money I can do with so many restrictions. Also the article went online and later it was blocked. I was just writing about my experience being an immigrant and the need to have organic clothing in stores. 

Posts: 139
on 04/14/2015

Article can't be seen so nobody can really give you any input. Contact staff. 

Linda Smith
Posts: 625
on 04/14/2015

Your articles are extremely short, provide hardly useful information. Plus, the whole, rather short text is packed into one single paragraph. No headings, no line breaks. Apart from an interesting text, an online article today must feature some "eye candy": Some images, videos, or at least headings that provide important messages at a glance.

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