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Help me, please!  

Copyright Infringement...Anyway to stop it?

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on 06/08/2012

Between my Yahoo! Voices, Squidoo and now Wizzley articles it doesn't take long to find your work plastered across the internet. The two sites that tick me off more than anything are docstoc and Scribd. It's a massmarket for copyrighted work. Who the heck really thinks that it is ok to scan and upload an entire book much less someones article.

Long story short and back to my question, have any of you found a way to prevent this. I have seen a publisher here at Wizzley put a Copyright remark just after the introduction. Anyone find this useful. Hopefully to deter them and to show it on docstoc and Scribd?


I'm about ready to pull my hair out. I have been moving some articles over from Yahoo and just found out that it hit the dup filter because it has been copied on Scribd.

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