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Giving Credit to Someone Who Contributed Facts to Your Article

on 08/30/2012

Please explain to me what is acceptable on a Wizzley article when it comes to giving credit.  I interviewed an insurance agent specializing in funeral pre-planning.  Where can I insert information on him, his insurance agency, and contact information without sounding like I am really plugging his business?  Is there a way around this?  Is it allowed at all?  I wrote and edited the piece, but he did provide me with a few facts.  Thanks!  

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on 08/30/2012

As long as your article by itself provides useful information for readers--truly useful tips and hints, not just filler text with links to the real stuff on another site--you may, of course, cite your source and their contact information. We're absolutely business-friendly on Wizzley!  Smile

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on 08/30/2012

Thank you so much, chefkeem.  I'll give it a try and see what happens.  Unfortunately, he has not set up a website concerning his business.  That would have been a lot more helpful for anyone researching the subject.

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