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How-To Articles That Mention Several Retailers?

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on 06/25/2013

Hello from a new Wizzley author in need of a little help! Is it all right to mention several different retailers in an article (and link to a few to help people find coupons) if I'm not using affiliate links? I am currently writing about where and how to find great deals on supplies related to my niche topic and don't want to violate the terms of service by mentioning too many retailers. Thanks!

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on 06/25/2013

Keep in mind that we want to publish unique, useful articles with lots of tips or instructions. You may mention several retailers if that's a useful feature for your readers. However, we don't accept link directories, or pages that consist mainly of long lists of resources.

Ideally, your article offers information that can't be easily found anywhere else on the web.

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