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Help me, please!  

Need Advice to Make My Work Prettier

on 10/03/2012

Hi Wizzley!  I've been bumbling around here for a few weeks, trying to figure things out.  I have a few accounts at HubPages, probably around 120 Hubs altogether,  and want to branch out somewhere else.  I've been trying Squidoo and Wizzley, and have decided build up my portfolio here for a while in addition to maintaining my HubPages work.

I've published a few articles, but I'm really struggling with the pictures.  I can't seem to figure out how to line them up right with the text and they always look strange.  I did read an article here about floating them within a text capsule, but it was packed with HTML and I started to get a little woozy.  

Is there any easier way to make pics blend together with text aside from learning the HTML codes or just hacking up text modules until it looks (sorta) right?

Also, of course I only use pics I can legally publish.  Even if the source doesn't require attribution (as in MorgueFile images, for example) does Wizzley still prefer to see them linked?  

Thanks in advance!  This platform looks pretty cool and I'm looking forward to getting more done here!

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on 10/03/2012

Do you mean lining images up within text modules?

If so, then open up said text module and this is your baby:

Or you can click on the HTML button and do it that way.


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on 10/03/2012

If you don't need to attribute them, then there's no reason to. I suggest you also check out some great images there attribution free.

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on 10/03/2012

I agree with the above helpful comments.

The ways that I use to get images to fit next to text in a way that I want them appear is in a one or two step action.

When the image is almost in the location you want it to be on the page then -

  • Click the arrow on the text module next to it (the text module that you want the picture to be next to). If the text module is on the left you need to click the arrow that points left.

If you are still unhappy with where the image module is sitting next to the text then -

  • Add a module called a space module Smile above the image.

Adjust the depth of the space module until it pushes the image down into the location you want.

BTW - It took me weeks to discover that on Wizzley you can drag and drop the modules where you want them  on the page as you edit. 


on 10/03/2012

So I can just plop a pic in the text module without all that code?  

Up to now I've been doing something like what 2uesday suggested and just getting them as even as I can.  But I hate having weird spaces in my articles (Do I call them wizzes here? . . . that just makes me chuckle a little) so I've not been using as many pics as I should.  I like to see the text wrap nicely with the pics.  

Also, didn't know about the drag and drop thing so that's definitely helpful. Thanks everyone! 

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on 10/03/2012

Hi Wayfarer, there are some helpful videos for how to move things to the side, and align them but as far as "prettier" or aesthetics that impact the reader positively- I'm about to launch the motherload wizzle for that, Pimp Your Wizzle :) it may be helpful... I wanted to consolidate my ideas, techniques so a wizzle was born to share it too... (still working on it, soon ....)

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