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Help me, please!  

Zazzle Ad

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on 03/11/2016

I registered and selected an display Ad. It provided me with an code which I added to my blog. Now I see zazzle ads displayed on my blog But if someone clicks on that ad how and where am I going to be paid? 

I have submitted the details in my profile as well when I signed with Wizzley. I am confused as to where the Ad code was supposed to be added ?

Do I have to create pages in Wizzley as well to earn from zazzle.


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on 03/12/2016

If you use the Zazzle module, depending on your article total count you get paid a percent of the time an item is clicked and sells, a generous percent.  This works whether you sell your product or someone else's.  You also make a royalty for your items that sell, regardless of how,.  So if the ad sells your item you just get the royalty.  If the ad sells someone else's Zazzle item you may get the Adsense credit, or whatever kind of ad it is, but nothing more.  Promote your items if they fit the Wizzle using the Zazzle module.  It can pay better.

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