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FuturisticWriter Say Hello To Wizzley Community!

on 12/26/2011

Hi ! I'm FuturisticWriter and I'm here to write on various topics. I'm also here because my Adsense account has been disabled and I am approved by Chitika and I was looking for a revenue site which could have Chitika as an Adsense alternative and Voila! I found Wizzley.

Thanks Wizzley for catering for people whose Adsense account is disabled by providing this alternative! The payment structure is also good (I hate Hubpages because they will start paying through Paypal now Frown and I am a student thus I cannot have a Paypal account! )

Thanks Wizzley!

Posts: 1055
on 01/02/2012

Hi FuturisticWriter, Great to meet you.  Katie

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