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Newbies say "hi"  

Greetings to the Wizzley Universe

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on 10/05/2012



I am new to the community here,  looking to learn, make friends and contribute to Wizzley. If I can earn something at Wizzley in addition to desiring the basics that would be a miracle!

If you are happy and have earned money on WIzzley I would love to hear form you!Innocent





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on 10/05/2012

I'm happy and have earned money :) not much comes the first few years, but when it comes it's nice! 

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on 10/06/2012

Hi, I'm happy (and I know it), and welcome to the Wizzley community - you'll enjoy it here (I do). Members and staff will even answer any questions you have and take note of any suggestions for improvement.

Turbulent times in the SEO arena means that what we have come to expect in earnings is not always forthcoming in the present. If you want to earn then you need to promote. Where and how to promote are the difficult questions to answer until things settle a little, once Google has decided the major changes have been implemented and it is just tweaks from then on.

Build up your author credibility with quality articles in as few subjects as possible and you will reap the rewards ongoing.

Those of us with an established portfolio need to revise our strategies for article marketing and re-invent ourselves as article writers it seems.

Now I'm going back over to where I earn the majority of my living - my websites.

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on 10/06/2012

Yes I am very happy writing here. I have seen some signs of the possibilities the site has for earning. I do not expect overnight success as these are difficult times for online writers. So I am building up my stock of articles here.  When everything settles (search engine changes etc. ) and my articles have aged a bit I think the maturity will suit my Wizzley portfolio. Plus they might just be like a fine wine and better for the keeping. One thing I need to learn is to promote them  on Twitter etc. as I know that I drag my heels on such matters. 


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on 10/06/2012

Hey, nice to have you here!


I don't have much experience yet so I can't really tell much about it. I hope you will like it here and write a few interesting articles to read :)

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on 10/09/2012

Hi, Nice to have you here, Welcome Smile

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