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Newbies say "hi"  

Hello! It's been a year ago...

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on 04/08/2012

I have had my account for a year (oh the shame!) and have never touched it. I had good intentions. I had so much on my plate and there were so many sites offering rev share that I had no idea where to start. Helium is my oldest account. I had some good times there but I am frustrated with the program. HubPages is my largest account and makes me the most amount of money right now - which is not much. I feel I am lost at sea sometimes. I keep coming back to Wizzley  and every time I do I see so much progress from other fellow writers. 

In January I wanted to start a challenge. A challenge for residual/passive income. I like to think of these sites as my savings account for my future. I love that Wizzley has so many options for income. I mean Zazzle?? OH YES! 

Now I see there is a recipe section which makes me extremely happy as I love cooking and modifying recipes to make them healthy and budget friendly.

So, it seems like Wizzley is calling my name and maybe, just maybe I need to devote more time here.

That is, around grad school projects and clients....

Hello everyone! I look forward to reading some of your stories in the forums and your works on the site. 

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on 04/08/2012

Welcome cmahan, We look forward to reading your articles.

Brenda Reeves
Posts: 1055
on 04/08/2012

Welcome, jump in the waters fine Smile

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on 04/08/2012

Welcome cmahan! It is good to have you with us finally. :)

Looking foorward to read your articles!

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